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Cakewalk introduces Rapture - a new virtual synth

Cakewalk_rapturesm_1 The National Association Music Manufacturers conference was Jan 19-22. Consequently a lot of gear hit the market.  This is the first of many  posts  offering highlights.

Cakewalk announced a new virtual  synthesizer (official press release). Sonic state has a video of this synth in action.

The software has released and is available on Musicians' Friend for $199! (save $89)

Rapture Highlights:             

  • Wavetable synthesizer with cutting edge sound manipulation capabilities,                 well suited for electronica-related music styles
  • Non-aliasing resampling engine for pristine sound quality
  • Over 500 professionally-crafted sound programs
  • Six fully-programmable, stereo sound-generating Elements
  • Multi-waveform Oscillators with ring modulation
  • Two 16-mode filters per oscillator with LoFi and Drive
  • Over 40 Envelope Generators, LFOs, and Step Generators for superior                 parameter modulation
  • Comprehensive MIDI Modulation Matrix
  • Mix and modulate all Elements through global FX and dynamic Step                 Generator
  • Superbly designed graphical envelope generators and LFOs for ease                 of use
  • Expandable with native support for SFZ sample formats
  •                 Mac formats: AU™, RTAS®, VSTi™
  • Windows formats: DXi (32-bit & x64), RTAS, VSTi