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Free FPC drum kits for registered FL Studio users

Plugins_fpc_main_1I love the FL Pad Controller (FPC) that comes with FL Studio.  It's a fantastic drum instrument! Many people don't realize that Image Line has provided some free additional kits  on their  Sample Fusion site for registered users. You go directly to the kits here.

As of this writing, there are two downloads. The first download alone contains 31 kits! The downloads are in .exe format. Running the .exe launches a time saving installer which places all the files where they need to be so you can access them within FPC.

I hope you found this little tip helpful. Checkout our FL Studio Video Tutorials for more detailed instruciton on FL Studio.


Behringer BCF2000 - a control surface with motorized faders for under $200

Bcf2000big Want a control surface with motorized faders but don't have a lot of cash? Check out the Behringer BCF2000 B-Control Fader (click the image on the left to see a larger view).

It allows you to control your synth, mixer, effects, or signal processor with real controls? It has 8 ultraprecise, 100mm motorized faders for the ultimate control of virtual mixers, organ-drawbars, synths, and samplers. Best of all you can pick this up for $199 - wow!!!

Ableton Live 5.0 Receives Best Digital Audio Sequencer and Best Performance Software Awards

Live_set_1 Ableton has posted a Winter NAMM 2006 Report on their web site

In this report, the mentioned "More great news from NAMM: Ableton Live received repeat awards for Best Digital Audio Sequencer of 2006 from Electronic Musician magazine and Best Performance Software of 2006 from Remix magazine."

Clearly, the Live 5 update is making a splash in the industry.

And the Grammy goes to...

Grammy_1In case you missed the show, here is the 48th Grammy Awards Winners List.

U2 was the big winner taking home 5 awards. Steve Lillywhite won for best producer.

Yahoo! Music has posted a lot of audio/video related to the Grammy's and artists who were won and were nominated.

Download 2006 Grammy winners on iTunes

Mark Mosher

Ableton Live 5.2 to support Intel-Mac

Live_mac_universal_1Ableton announced that Live 5.2 will support native Intel-Macs.  According to their web site "Live 5.2 will enter beta as soon as the new Intel Core Duo-equipped MacBook Pro is available, and expected to be released in February. Thanks to Live 5.2, early MacBook Pro buyers will be able to run Live immediately and enjoy substantially higher audio performance than on today's fastest Mac notebook."

In this same press press release, they mention their goals for Live V6 as "support for multicore/multiprocessor architectures, to the benefit of both Windows and Mac OS users. This feature will bring users of Intel Core Duo-equipped Macs another large increase in audio performance, and Windows users will be able to fully exploit the speedup potential of the various available multicore/multiprocessor hardware solutions the market offers."

Update: Live 5.2 has released - see this post in our blog

Purchase Live


Devo + Disney = Devo 2.0

Q:What do you get when you mix Devo and Disney?
A: Devo 2.0

That's right, Disney and Devo teamed up to create an all kid version of DEVO called 2.0. Don't believe me, go here.

According to the press release:

"DEVO, one of the ’80s most innovative and iconic bands, has partnered with Disney Sound to bring their hits to a new generation with 'DEVO 2.0,' a combination CD/DVD package set for release on March 14th. The original members of DEVO rerecorded ten of their old songs (some with revamped lyrics) and two brand new ones with DEVO 2.0, a group of five talented kids aged 10-13."  Founding member Gerald V. Casale directed 11 new music videos for the DVD.

According to the press release "Disney Sound is planning a series of “remaking the band” projects, uniting original band members of iconic groups with talented kids for newly recorded CD and DVD releases. Next up is a partnership with the Go-Go's."

After a look at the web site, it looks like this is being geared up as a devolved set of post-post-modern mousketeers. Domes off to the the spud boys (and girls) = both V1.0 and V2.0. Nice to have a form of DEVOlution that can be shown to the tikes.

For those who have not kept up with DEVO, visit

The CD/DVD will be available March 14th, but you can pre-order using the amazon link above.