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Jagged - A New Gary Numan Album Now on iTunes

Jaggedfc_1Jagged - Gary Numan's first album in 5 years released on March 13th , 2006 and is now available on iTunes -  click here to preview it on iTunes.

Again, this is an example of an 80's icon who is looking forward and not back and releasing new and contemporary sounding material. The album was  co-produced with underground electronic artist DJ Ade Fenton.

Jagged is a natural progression from his last album Pure - but where Pure was heavy becuase of the use of a lot of guitar work in the mix, Jagged achieves intensity instead through the use of interesting industrial samples and synth sounds. I think if you like music from the likes of Nine Inch Nails, you'll enjoy Jagged.

If you are digital musician and/or producer, and want to pick up songwriting/production tips from someone who has sold over 10 million albums world-wide, I encourage you to listen to Gary's podcast where offers insights into the process.

To learn more, check out:


Ableton Live 5.2 Released


Ableton announced that Live 5.2 upgrade is now available. You can get it from the Abledton Live 5.2 Upgrade Page.  If you need to purchase Live, go here.

According to Ableton's press release on this, 5.2 adds support for native Intel-Mac making Live 5.2 one of the first professional audio applications on the market to run as a "Universal Binary to take advantage of Apple's fastest machines: the new Intel-Mac". The release offers bug-fixes for Intel users.

I'm on Intel and I upgraded last night without any problems. Sets created with Live 5.0.3 loaded and played back as expected.

Below is an excerpt from the Ableton's web site with more details on the upgrade:

Live 5.2 is available today, bringing immediate native Intel-Mac support. This development makes Live 5.2 one of the first professional audio applications on the market to run as a Universal Binary to take advantage of Apple's fastest machines: the new Intel-Mac.

Intel-Mac users: Intel-Mac users can purchase a new Live 5.2 serial number for 49 USD/39 EUR via the Ableton webshop. Customers who purchase the upgrade to Live 6 from the Ableton webshop will receive a full refund of this 49 USD/39 EUR. Live 6 is scheduled for release in Q3. Complete information on Live 6's specs, availability, and pricing will be made available this summer.

Accommodation for recent buyers of Live 5: Users who purchased Live 5 after Steve Jobs' announcement of the new Intel-Macs (January 10, 2006) will receive the Intel-Mac Live 5.2 download at no additional charge.

Non Intel-Mac users: For Live 5 users on PCs and non Intel-Mac machines, Live 5.2 is also available as a free bug-fix update here.



Download the Free Enigma Editor

EnigmaI'm now the proud owner of an M-Audio Axiom 25 controller and will be writing a few posts about this fantastic keyboard in the days to come.

The controller works with the Enigma editor/librarian. Enigma allows you to program, store and load setups for M-Audio and Evolution USB MIDI controllers. In addition to the Axiom 25 other products currently supported includes the Evolution MK-425, MK-449, MK-461, UC-33e and X-Session, as well as the M-Audio Keystation Pro 88, O2, Ozonic and Trigger Finger.

The Enigma editor was not on the installation disc that comes with the Axiom, so if you want to use it, you'll need to download it from here, then install it.

Here are some features listed on the M-Audio site:

• software parameter editor to easily alter and create memory presets
• librarian to store unlimited memory presets on hard disk
• comes with a library of VST instruments and all editable parameters
• fast and easy
• free to registered users of compatible M-Audio and Evolution products


After a 15 year break from touring, Thomas Dolby is going back out on to the road

Soleincover_3 After a 15 year break from touring, Thomas Dolby is going back out on to the road. The tour is called the "Sole Inhabitant Tour 2006". From the looks of the info on his web site and blog, this is one man show driven by a Mac G5 running Logic Pro. He's sporting a cool new look that still stays true to his "Flat Earth" image. Click the image on the left to see a bigger version of the poster for the tour.

In the 80's, I had the good fortune of seeing tours supporting the albums "The Golden Age of Wireless" and "Aliens Ate My Buick". The shows were fantastic on many levels so I highly recommend you catch one of the upcoming shows if you can.

Thomas has a great web site,, which is filled with audio, videos, photos, tour dates, and more. He also has a new blog,, which is a must read for both fans, and those interested in performing digital music live.

Use this link - to see a video of him playing his first solo performance of the new tour which was recorded at the House of Blues Anaheim, CA. January 28th, 2006. I want to point out that this video illustrates his approach on this tour to interact with technology live, not simply use it as a static backing track. In the video, he builds up tracks live as the song starts - very cool!!!!

One more thing - Thomas - if you happen to read this blog entry, please schedule a show for Boulder Colorado :^).