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Image Line Software releases a VST version of the DirectWave Sampler

P_directwaveIf you are looking for an inexpensive way to get a software sampler and don't have the budget for more high-end samplers I recomend you check it out DirectWave VSTi.

This sampler was previously only available to FL Studio users and is now available as a VST so you can use it with any windows-based VST host (diagram below show it running in Ableton Live).

One of my favorite things about DirectWave is the user interface for creating splits and layers. It's very intuitive and fast. Simply drag and drop samples to instantly create  instrument zone(s) which appear as boxes. Then drag the boxes to create splits and layers.

Directwave Another favorite feature is "select preset" (click diagram to see a larger view). When you click "select preset", the Preset Selector allows you to directly access samples and sounds on the Samplefusion Website. The manual explains it this way.

Opening the Preset Selector will show a browser menu where you can double-click sample names to download them. There are several colors used to indicate the availability of content

    • Red = Free to all. 
    • Blue = Free to FL Studio owners.  
    • Gray = Locked (this content can be unlocked by purchase on the Samplefusion site).
    • Black = Unlocked (purchased content).

DirectWave allows you to import DWP (proprietary), WAV (any), SF2 (Soundfont), AKP (Akai), Propellerheads Recycle, Native Instruments Battery, Kontakt *(nki), GIGA *(gig) & eMagic EXS24.

Detailed specs an a free demo can be found at this link http://www.image-line.com/documents/directwave.html. You can also purchase the instrument at this link for $99.00. The VST version is a free download if you already own DirectWave as part of FL Studio.