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September 13, 2006


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Mark Mosher

I'm running at a higher resolution than that. I wonder if there is an update to your video driver that might allow you to go higher.

Brian F.


Dave Dipper

It might also just take closing some other programs. I get this error in Itunes with Google Earth open but it works after I close it.


Dan Tepper: Thank you very much. I tried and it works. I thought I might had to buy a new video card. I just save a lot of money.


Any other ideas anyone? My directX, vid drivers, itunes, quicktime, and everything else mentioned are up to date. Cover Flow worked perfectly for me when I first installed iTunes, now about 3 weeks later it just suddenly stopped working. Doesn't coincide with any change in my system that I can recall.


I have gone through just about every method to fix this problem that i've seen, but none are working, and i have run into a roadblock. In one post it said to run the "dxdiag" and make sure my direct3d drivers are enabled. I tried this but it says the directdraw, direct3d, and agp texture acceleration are unavailable. Does this mean i need a new video card?


Making the "Hardware Acceleration" to "full" fixed my problem!


What do you do when your manufacturer's website does not have an update for your video driver?


What do you do when your manufacturer's website doesn't have an update for your video driver?


I am having this problem, but when i went to follow the steps to solve it, i noticed that my computer only has 24 bit as high color quality and i don't have the option of 32. does this mean that i cannot get the album covers? is there a way to fix this? help me please!


i am having the same problem and i followed the steps to solve it when i noticed that my highest color quality was 24 bit, not 32. does this mean i cannot get album covers? is there a way to fix this?? help me please!!

john Mccarthy

I just worked it out. I had Google earth open.

john Mccarthy

I had google earth open. closed it and displaying art work again. :-)


Changing to 32-bit worked for me.

Ian M Butterfield

Tried all of the above. Latest iTunes, latest Quicktime, Latest Video drivers (Matrox G550 Duel Head), 32 Bit Colour, full hardware acceleration. dxdiag shows DirectDraw Acceleration enabled on both screen, Direct3 Acceleration enabled on both screens, AGP Texture acceleration enabled on screen 1 but not available on screen 2. (Running iTunes on Screen 1 BTW).

This still doesn't work for me. Anyone got any further suggestions?


I have a Matrox G550 DualHead too, have done all the steps and.... nothing happens!

G Drake

If you have read this much you probably had the same problem I had.

dxdiag was telling me I only had directx 9b installed, and any attempt to upgrade to 9c failed.

Here is how I fixed it.

I uninstalled XP SP2.
Installed Directx 9c (from download).
Had to reinstall my latest graphics card driver as I believe SP2 removal x'd it.
Reinstalled SP2.


Hope this helps


i have this problem too...and my color doesnt go past 24...how do i fix that?


Thank you, thank you, thank you.

That's all I can say.


Yes indeed. I resolved the problem by increasing colour depth from 16 bit to 32bit.

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