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Posts from September 2006

Project5 - Fast way to select instrument patches from the Track Inspector

In addition to to selecting patches from within the instrument interface, you can also select patches from the Track Inspector. Find the "Property Page" for the instrument in question, then click "Select Bank/Patch". You'll then be presented with a menu containing patches. The advantage of this approach is that all... Read more →

iTunes 7 Error - iTunes Unable to Browse Album Covers On This Computer

Update - If you are having this issue, please read the rest of this post plus the comments at the bottom of the post. I just upgraded to itunes 7. I'm on Windows XP by the way. I was really excited to try out the new feature, Cover Flow which... Read more →

Project5 Version 2 - New Lower Price and Free Update in 2007

I saw this in a press release a while back and forgot to blog about it. Cakewalk has announced that it's dropping the price of Project 5 Version 2 to $199 effective August 1st, 2006 (Now Available on Musicians Friend). This new price makes Project5 quite compelling if you want... Read more →

Cheap way to get Live 6 - Buy Ableton Live 5 NOW on sale for $299, then get the upgrade for free

Article Revision: Things have changed since I originally wrote this post. Live 5 is no longer available. Here are some links you might find helpful. Ableton Live 6 Music Software Ableton Live 6 Upgrade from Version 5 ------ Original Post --------- Now is a great time to get into Ableton... Read more →

Cakewalk Announces Sonar 6 and is taking pre-orders

I just noticed today that Cakewalk has revamped it's web site. As you can see form the image on the left, they've also announced Sonar 6. According to their web site, Sonar 6 will be shipping worldwide by the end of September. They are taking pre-orders for upgrades here .... Read more →