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SONAR 6 Fast Forward Tour - Windows Vista Features for Musicians

Thinking about buying or upgrading to Sonar 6? Here is a chance to see it first hand. Cakewalk announced a multi-city tour to "spread the word that SONAR 6 will be ready for Windows Vista, coming in 2007." The announcement including a list of cities and dates is here. This... Read more →

Polysics - For Young Electric Pop Video

I've been getting more and more into the Japanese band Polysics lately. If you are not familiar with them, they are synth driven band that is heavily influenced by DEVO. I've found some pretty great videos of them online. Here is one of them playing live. Their web site is... Read more →

I am self-determined (MTV) by CME

Yamaha is distributing midi controllers and hardware made by CME in China. CME has some pretty interesting products, like the VX Series that supports motorized faders. Checkout CME's web site here . Now here is the fun part - CME produced a rock video to promote their product line.... Read more →

Ableton Live 6 - Uses for Instrument Racks

The concept of creating a patch with splits and layers is missing, or is difficult to configure on a lot of software-based virtual studios. With Ableton Live 6 this is now easy to achieve by using Instrument Racks. What can you do with this feature? Well you can create a... Read more →

Ableton Live 6 - Overview of rack types, rack presets, and how to insert a preset

One of my favorite new features of Ableton Live 6 is the new "rack" feature. According to the manual, there are three different types of racks: MIDI Effect Racks contain only MIDI effects, and can only be placed in MIDI tracks Audio Effect Racks contain only audio effects, and can... Read more →