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New book - Cakewalk Syntheizers: From Presets to Power User

Those of you looking to learn about and/or dig deeper into Cakewalk virtual instruments will want to check out this new book Cakewalk Synthesizers: From Presets to Power User.

The book is written by   Simon Cann, a musician and writer based in London.

According to the press release - "Cakewalk Synthesizers: From Presets to Power User will show you how to operate and get the best results from Cakewalk™s complete range of synths, from those that are bundled with Cakewalk's main products (including SONAR, Project5, and Kinetic), to the rgc:audio synthesizers (such as Z3TA+), to Cakewalk's newest synthesizers, including Dimension Pro and Rapture."