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May 29, 2007



This is an excellent post and extremely helpful. I am just now diving into the Axiom and Live. This was a great start.

Big thanks!


Thanks a million. This article is a great help to us.


Very helpful, tnx a lot!

Dj SLash

THANK YOU SO MUCH! This helped out a bunch!


This was just what I needed, having only purchased my Axiom last week. Thanks!

One item that seems incorrect: The Rewind button is (according to the lesson) to move to Previous scene and the Fast Forward to Next, which is opposite of your diagram above. Just thought you'd want to correct that. No biggie.





I've edited this comment to see if someone with a Mac could help Aaron.

Aaron asks:

"i have a mac and i can't configure te axiom 25 with ableton. when i go to preferences in order to set my axiom 25 as the midi controller the tab that should read midi/sync it just says midi and and where it says track, sync and remote it doesn't give the option to turn off/on the on the remote section. i hope this made sense. any help would be apreciated ."

Any ides from your Mac users out there?

Mark Mosher


Excellent! I've been trying to figure this out for a few days since buying the gear, and this did the trick! Well worth the donation!


Frot those with "no remote button" in the midi preferences. This happened to me on a pc too. i had to upgrade to the latest live (6.0.10) and it started working for me. my axiom originally came with an "m-audio enhanced" version of 6.0.1. go to ableton.com, go to latest versions, and select live 6.0 (NOT live LE, this is different). i also installed the class II midi drivers, but i don't think that was the problem. good luck!


VERY HELPFULL much more accurate and in depth than even LIVE's descripton of Axiom Setup

Helped me out very much and allowed me to start making beats instead of figuring this out for another 3 hours

Thanks Again


kick ass article. That's how Moldover does it!! Seriously, worth the read. Look for some paypal money in your account.


thanks for the info, man!
fyi, on my axiom25 i have to keep pushing the "recall" button while selecting the new preset with the "+" and "-" buttons, or else it just waits for a while and then doesn't change the preset at all...


Your article is great, thanks! But I have a question. On my axion 61 the only program that makes faders work on track 9-17 is the 20.
I dont know why the preset 18 does not let me have a change channel. Do you have any idea what I have to do to make the global channel changes on program 18? Thanks a lot!

Mark Mosher


I recommend you do a factory reset (save any custom patches using Enigma), then start over with the instructions in this article and see if that straightens things out.

Google Axiom Factory reset to find info on the process.


Hi, is this tutorial for if i just have the controller plugged into USB?


Yes, this tutorial assumes you are using USB.


Well, in that case this will be very helpful to me tomorrow when my keys arrive. Thanks a bunch!


Awesome.... and sooo helpful.... but I have another question... does anyone here know how to map the pads on the Axiom 49 for Reason rewired into Live? I've been able to get Redrum to work, but I haven't been able to get any of the other instruments to work, and there's a drum set in the NN-XT I really want to use.... it's the only place I have Djembe sound...


Thanks man.


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