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Ableton Live 7.0.2 Free Update Available


Ableton has released Live 7.0.2, a free update for registered users. You can download the update from or by using the 'Check for updates...' command from Live's help menu.

What's in Live 7.0.2? A large number of updates and an even larger number of fixes for Live 7 , Sampler, Operator, Analog, Tension, and Electric.

I was really looking forward to this release because my song Midnight which was created in Live 6 wasn't playing back correctly in Live 7. In Live 7, the MIDI velocity was not interpreted in the exact same way. I'm happy to report that 7.0.2 fixed the problem.

Below is a list of highlights and a link to the full change log.

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Kanye West plays 'Stronger' at the Grammys with Surprise Appearance by Daft Punk Playing JazzMutant Lemurs

(Daft Punk's official post-Grammy press photo from

I just finished watching the 50th Annual Grammy awards. One of the highlights for me was Kanye West's performance of 'Stronger' with special guest appearance by Daft Punk. According to First for Music News, "This was the French duo's first-ever television appearance in their 14-year history."

What were those fantastic touch-screen controllers they were using? Well they were JazzMutant Lemur's and they were being used to trigger samples and synths. If you want to learn more about how Daft Punk uses Ableton Live to maniluplate samples and produce music checkout this interview with Thomas Bangalter.


Learn more about the Lemur at, but be prepared for sticker shock as the Lemur goes for about $3,300 US.

Mark Mosher

Preview of New Supreme Beings of Leisure Album 11i


For you Electro-lounge lover's out there (I include myself in that group), the new Supreme Beings of Leisure album 11i hits stores on February 12th, 2008.

You can preview five tracks from the album on Supreme Beings of Leisure MySpace page. You can preview all the tracks and pre-order on Amazon (click the album cover below).

Track Listing:

  1. This World
  2. Mirror 
  3. Swallow   
  4. Good   
  5. Pieces
  6. Angelhead - featuring Lili Hayden
  7. Ride
  8. Oneness
  9. Everywhere
  10. Lay Me Down

The MySpace page also contains notes from Ramin Sakurai and Geri Soriano-Lightwood (the guiding forces behind the band) about the new tracks and offers some insight into their fivew year break from recording.

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Mark Mosher