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Posts from May 2008

TONE 2 Gladiator tip: How To Open The Editor Interface to Expose Parameters

Gladiator has a great user interface. However, if you insert the synth into your host, the default view hides the editor panel. Click the "Editor" button and you'll then see... Mark Mosher Having trouble seeing Gladiator parameters? Read more →

Tone2 Gladiator Synthesizer - A Great Interface Takes the Pain Out of Complex Synthesis

Article on Tone2 Gladator. A synth that can morph between subtractive, FM, wavetable, and addditive synthesis yet has a simple interface. Read more →

Adding Realistic Drums to Your Virtual Studio

There are many products on the market that allow you to add realistic acoustic drum kits to your virtual studio. These products offer something above and beyond simple one-shot samples of drum sounds with features such as: Multi-samples of expensive drum kits so that notes played at different velocities reflect... Read more →