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Modulate This Blog Turns 3


Modulate This Turns Three
Modulate This is now three years old and I'm happy to report that the popularity continues to grow month after month.

I want to thank the hundreds of readers out there who subscribed, those who take the time to comment, and those who use the links on this site to shop. I especially want to thank those who donated. As you can imagine, some of the more complex tutorials and the video tips are quite time consuming to produce so I really appreciate your support.

What's Next?
Up till now, this blog has been a mixture of discovery articles, tips, news, and step-by-step tutorials. In looking back, my most popular articles and the ones that have made the most difference to you readers are the more detailed step-by-step tutorials. To help grow the blog and make an even bigger impact on your work, my vision for the coming year is to write articles to help you:

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Comments From Readers
I'll close by passing along some awesome comments from readers.

Thanks again for another great year!

Mark Mosher


"Tutorial: How to use the Axiom 25 with Ableton Live and with Live's Impulse Drum Sampler"

  • Excellent! I've been trying to figure this out for a few days since buying the gear, and this did the trick! Well worth the donation! 
  • Kick ass article. That's how Moldover does it!! Seriously, worth the read. Look for some paypal money in your account.
"Video Tutorial: How to Use the Vocoder in FL Studio"
  • Best tutorial out there.
  • Thank you so much, I've always wanted to use the vocoder... and now I will in my next song thanks to you! good tutorial!
Video Tutorial: Creating A Pattern with the Step Sequencer in FL Studio
  • OMG Thank you I didn't know how to put the patterns on the song now I do. Great help!
  • Finally a tutorial that actually helps!!!! thx lad!!
M-Audio Trigger Finger Tutorial & Enigma Preset for FL Studio FPC
  • This is the most helpful thing I've found on the Internet yet. Thank you sooooo MUCH!!!! 
  • You are a god, this is the kind of knowledge I've been searching for. You got me out of a real puddle, thank you so much.

Videos of Laura Clapp & Robbie Bronnimann - Ableton Live, TC Electronics Interfaces, and Live Vocal FX Processing

Here is a post for the singer/songwriters. I spent a little time digging around YouTube this morning looking for videos of artists demonstrating technology they use to to perform live.

This first video is of Laura Clapp & Robbie Bronnimann playing live at Namm Show 2008. Robbie Bronnimann is a producer, remixer & recording artist from the UK who also is part of Howard Jones' band.

Robbie is using Ableton Live with a Novation Remote SL keyboard. Laura is using live vocal FX processing.

Next is a sales video of Laura demonstrating the use of the TC Electronics Voice Live to create harmonies on the Fly.



Mark Mosher

Remove Ground Loop Buzz with Hum X Exterminator

When I run run my laptop off AC and dock it so it's connected to my powered monitors (M-Audio StudioPhile SP-58s) via my USB sound card, I hear a buzz through sparkers when the heads on my hard disc seek. I hear this with both an M-Audio Fast Track Pro and my Novation NIO. By lifting the ground on the speakers using a two prong plug adapters I isolated the issue and determined it was in fact a ground loop issue.

Ebtech Hum X Hum Exterminator The Hum X Exterminator on Musicians Friend claims to be a safe alternative lifting a ground with a two prong adapter.

According to the product description the Hum X "...removes unwanted voltage and current in the ground line that cause ground loop hum. This noise reduction adapter simultaneously maintains a solid, safe ground. You no longer have to run your audio signal through filtering that results in loss of volume, tone, or both. Some devices simply remove or float the ground, which is never safe! Hum X removes the ground loop while leaving the ground and your signal intact. Easy to use and completely effective!"

I've not used the product but think it sounds like an interesting idea. If you have one, leave on comment on this post and let other Modulate This readers know your opinion.

Mark Mosher

Los Angeles Ableton Live Users Group Meeting September 25th

Abletonliveusersgroup_la_sept_flyer FYI - The Los Angeles Ableton Live Users Group meeting is on September 25th. Producer/composer Owen Vallis who’s presenting is of Brick Table and Arduinome fame...two really great DIY controllers!

Click the poster on the left for more details.

I've added a bookmark to the recommended sites links in the right column of this blog as well so you can easily find your way back to this users group.

"Making Music with Ableton Live" with Laura Escudé @ PCAudioLabs Workshop Series in Van Nuys, CA on Setpember 28th

Pcaudiolabs2008workshop01 If you live or will be in California near Van Nuys and want to learn more Ableton Live here is your chance. Ableton User Group-LA Director and Ableton Certified Trainer Laura Escudé is giving a workshop on September 28th called "Making Music with Ableton Live".

Course Description:
In this one-day workshop, get ready to learn Ableton Live in depth and take your compositions and performances to a higher level. Students will learn the linear and non-linear aspects of Live, explore editing audio and MIDI, acquire workflow shortcuts, work with software instruments, and trigger sounds and effects for live performance. The student will learn much of the software’s features and capabilities, as well as how to create original compositions in their preferred skill set.

Click the poster to see a larger view. PCAudioLabs is hosting other workshops you might find of interest as well.

- Laura Escudé: Web site | MySpace
- Learn more about this and other PCAudoLabs workshops

Sonar 8: Pre-Orders Start Sept. 22, 2008 + $99 Deal on Dimension Pro or Rapture


I just popped over to and saw a few items of note.

First, Cakewalk will be taking pre-orders Sonar on September 22nd. I couldn't find any information on their site about what is going to be in version 8 - just the banner you see above. Revised: Cakewalk has now officially announced. You can see a list of new features on their web site here.

I composed and produced a lot of commercial music between 2002-2006 using Sonar including my song "Flight" which appears as an extra feature on the DVD and on the soundtrack for the film "One Six Right". In 2006 I switched to Ableton Live as my primary DAW because the non-linear workflow of Live suits how I compose electronica music. I still keep Sonar on my system and do use it and recommend it for those who are looking for a more linear virtual recording studio. It's top notch, especially it's deep midi editing capabilities, fantastic slip editing and automatic cross-fade features.

Second, I saw a press release  on their site documenting a deal on Dimension Pro and Rapture. I've had Dimension Pro for years and as Rompers go I've been pretty happy with it. Here is an excerpt:

"Owners of Apple's Logic Pro and Garageband, MOTU Digital Performer, Steinberg's Cubase and Nuendo, Digidesign Pro Tools LE/HD, Ableton Live, Image Line's Fruity Loops, and Magix Samplitude Pro can purcahse Dimension Pro or Rapture for only $99 at select retailers through October 31st."

Mark Mosher

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Just a reminder Synth Sale Ends the 15th - Get sytrus, Toxic BiHazard, Poizone, Morphine and more for 40% off


Only a few days left. I've been playing with Morphine and Toxic BioHazard and will be picking them both up. BioHazard is especially cool.

  • Sytrus $179 $109 (-$70) 
  • DirectWave $99 $59 (-$40) 
  • Toxic BioHazard $99 $59 (-$40) 
  • Poizone 2 $79 $49 (-$30) 
  • JuicePack $99 $59 (-$40) 
  • EZGenerator $129 $79 (-$50) 
  • Morphine $159 $95 (-$60) 
  • Maximus $189 $119 (-$70)
    Deckadance Club Ed. $179 $109 (-$60) 
  • Varazdin Orchestral $169 $99 (-$60)

Note, if you've never purchased from image line before you can save an additional 10% off with by clicking here.

Mark Mosher