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Videos of Jordan Rudess and His Korg nanoKEY

Over the holidays I picked up a Korg nanoKey and nanoKONTROL. I was skeptical at first but I have to say that I use them all the time – especially when on the go or when making music with a laptop on the couch. The build quality is no where near what you’d see on an expensive controller, but well within reason for the $50ish price tag. I put them on my Best of 2008 list.

imageI mentioned using them on Twitter and got a few replies about the nano series which made me hunt for some videos of the controllers in use. I found this videos of Jordon Rudess of Dream Theater jamming out with a nanoKey MIDI controller. Enjoy.



Watch Jordan Rudess and his nanoKEY Part 1


Watch Jordan Rudess and his nanoKEY Part 2

Watch Jordan Rudess and his nanoKEY Part 3

Mark Mosher