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February 14, 2009


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It would be really nice if novation/focusrite mentioned the fact you are limited to 4 activations BEFORE you pay for the software.

Mark Mosher


I agree. I was a bit surprised by that. Is it like Ableton where they will just add to the activation count if the need is legitimate? I'm going to email sales and ask what happens if you go over 4.

I'll reply to this thread with the answer.

Mark Mosher


I contacted Novation support and here is what they had to say about activations.

"Each purchase of Automap 3 Pro supplies the user with a code that will enable AM3 Pro to be installed on 4 machine ID\'s. This means that you are able to use the code on 4 different machines as many times as you like.

In the unlikely event that a user does use all 4 codes, they will need to contact us."


Hello Mark,

I don´t know if it is of any interest, but I just was editing a personal template for the NI Pro 53 on the ReMote SL Editor, when my firewall lit up saying: "Remotesleditor.exe is acting as a e-mail client program trying to transmit e-mail messages
Destination IP: SMTP".
The IP belongs to Focusrite, after I´ve blocked this attempt, the SL editor just disappeared with my editing work of 2 hours, very sad.

By the way your site is very interesting, so I´ll come back later here :-)


Mark Mosher

Hi Josh,

Wow, it looks like they are phoning home. Hopefully it's just data about your app usage for quality sake, but still not the best idea IMHO. Sucks that phone home resulted in data loss. Thanks for posting. A great comment for other users.

Hey everyone, save your work every 10 min.


Mark Mosher

Oh, and thanks a lot for your kinds words about Modulate This!

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