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May 11, 2009


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Options.txt: Improved Wacom Tablet Support in Ableton Live 8.0.2 + Entering Text into Kore2 and other VSTs:


Sean D

Very cool. Is it better for ergonomics or just a lot of fun to use a tablet?

I might consider it... wait, never mind, I use FL Studio and it would be hard to use a tablet on all those tiny mixer sliders and knobs! lol, using a mouse is hard enough.

I'm looking forward to making music on touch-screens. Lots of live performance and experimenting possiblities.

Mark Mosher

It's for both ergonomics and for workflow. I don't use it all the time, just when I'm docked.

I tried it with FL Studio and it works really well.

The stroke length with knobs is just right. Step sequencing, keyboard editor and piano roll work very well.

I think you could go much faster with the pen than with the mouse.



Man - I wish my son hadn't lost the pen that came with my Wacom...

Mark Mosher

That stinks. I'm sure they sell replacements though.


This is a great tip. Works like a charm on my intuos and macbook.

However on my PC which is running Win7, I can't seem to find the folder to place the Options.txt file.

Any ideas where to place it? I've got 2 cheap touchscreens connected to the PC that would work much better with ableton using absolute mode.

Mark Mosher

I don't have Win 7. I'd just do a search of your drive for "options.txt".


yup found it... just needed to Show hidden folders, then it was in the same spot as Vista.

Thanks, this makes the cheap touchscreen much much more usable.... especially in combination with Abletons new zoomable GUI.



i've been using a wacom for years, and i concur.. it's faster and much easier on the wrist.

mark, i've been bugging ableton about the wacom issue since v1.0. thanks much for sharing the info!

Mark Mosher

No problem.


I've been using my wacom tablet (an old intuos model) for some years now and I really love it for working in music applications.

I recently ran into the frustrating problems with trying to adjust knobs in Live 7, so this is really good to hear that 8 fixes those issues (or that there's a workaround)...

unfortunately, it will probably be a long while before I can upgrade, but at least the fix is out there. too bad they couldn't do an bug-fix-update on 7 to fix that problem.

unlikely, I know.... oh well. ;)

thanks again!


Wow, thnx. This was really annoying and you fixed it :D

I just hope Ableton will just build this in as an official option next time. There are a lot of tablet users I guess, and especially with the new Max for Live instruments tablets could very well become the next cool thing for musical instruments.

I am building an instrument myself for school and using my Wacom touch seems like a logic thing to do... lolz

The Puppeteer

Works perfectly for the Samsung Series 7 Slate. Thanks.

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