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June 15, 2009


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I'm sending you some drool from Costa Rica - please let me know when it arrives.

Also - I loathe Vista. Have had it since October with my new laptop and have reformatted it twice already. XP64 is not an option due to lack of drivers. I'm seriously thinking of virtualizing XP64 in Linux and jsut moving on from Vista.

Mark Mosher

LOL. Yeah, I'm pretty psyched with the settup.

I actually like vista and have very little trouble with it.I hear good things about windows 7. Maybe you should give the beta a go.

Adam Smith

Nice man! I'm moving soon and am going to need to downsize and consolidate a bit. I have roughly the same amount of gear as yourself and would like a similar setup. What would you say are the rough dimensions of the area your setup takes up (from the wall, width, etc)?

I don't think I see your laptop in the pics, or is it that very slim thing on top at left of the keyboard?

Thanks for sharing.

Mark Mosher


I've revised the post with a picture of the laptop docked. Shelves are 15 3/4"x 47 3/4" and I believe were from home depot. The footprint for this rig is 26" wide from the wall to the outside edge of the bottom shelf, and 47 3/4" wide

Dave L

Thanks for sharing your setup Mark! Do you record audio directly to your laptop's main drive or are you using an external drive for that? I have a similar HP laptop to yours and you've inspired me to try and emulate your awesome setup!

Mark Mosher

Your welcome. By the way, I just upgraded my laptop. I went from a dv6500t to a Vista, HP DV6 Pavilion Laptop w/Core2 Duo P8700 @ 2.53 GHZ. The doc is the same so it plugs right into the same rig.

In both cases I record straight to the HD via a Novation NIO on both systems. My old laptop only had a 5400 RPM drive but I had no issues with drop out on recording 2 channel audio.

Bumping up to a 7400 RPM on the new system means Live loads faster and I think with larger sets there will be no dropout on playback, although I had almost no issue with this even at 5400 RPM.

Let me know how it goes with your setup.

Markmosher studio

Very interesting and informative blog.. Well done... Happy days...


nice rig!
just wondering how much would it cost. :)

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