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July 01, 2009


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"If you add Sampler to a rack in Live you can then easily assign 8 performance knobs to just about any parameter within Sampler."

What? You can't even midimap or macro map the basic sample start/stop/looppoint controls on the Sample tab.

"Just about any parameter" is a bit of a stretch when you can't even midi map the things you can map with a rack of Simplers.

Sampler needs a serious update.

Mark Mosher

Most parameters are in fact assignable to Macros. Just click the "Map Mode" button and you'll see green overlays all over the place.

Sample and loop controls are not directly mapable but can be mapped to modulators. For example, I can modulate loop length with an Aux envelope or an LFO. Parameters for these modulator can be mapped to macros.

You can also map CC's sucn as mod wheel to many paramters including sample and loop.

Can sampler be improved. Of course. But it does allow a massive amount of real-time control.

Sampler's approach is more complex and granular than a rack of Simplers. If a rack of Simplers works for you then I say use it.


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