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September 13, 2009


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David Burns

Great track, Mark! Thanks for the play-by-play!


Mark Mosher

Thanks for the kind words and the comment. Glad you like the track and the post.


home of the korg ds-10

nice to see the "play-by-play". i'd like to get into this on the pc but i am afraid it's gonna take over my life, with all the layering that can be accomplished. i am using a nintendo korg ds-10 (don't laugh) and i am already struggling to make use of 6 tracks/channels.


Agree.. really like your music. As a new user of Ableton I found your commentary enlightening. Thx, enjoy your blog & tweets. Kipp

Mark Mosher

LOL. Yeah it can be a bit time consuming. However, nothing wrong with just composing on a 6 track system. I've heard some good things about the DS-10.

I started off using hardware sequencers that had only a handful of tracks. Sometimes "constraint" can lead to innovation.


Mark Mosher

Thanks Kipp. You won't regret getting into Ableton. After a while you'll transcend it and it will become an instrument.

devon - child drum sets expert

wow you put some time into that. thanks for the play-by-play, great insight into a great track. -devon.

Mark Mosher

Glad you liked the post and track! Child Drum Sets is a cool idea by the way.



Im a big fan of re-sampling in abelton, map keys to diffent variations of a sample and away you go.

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