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A Video Roundup of Sampling Past and Present


I’ve been sampling since the 80’s when I got an Ensoniq Mirage. I’ve since moved on to software and now use Ableton Sampler, and Camel Audio Alchemy for sample-based work these days. I still find sample-based sound design fascinating and recently found some cool videos which illustrate how far we’ve come over the last few decades.

First, I stumbled across a Synthtopia Post “Bob Moog Introduces The Fairlight CMI” which had four videos, one of which is shown below. “Bog Moog Fairlight Part 2 on YouTube:

Next is a great video of Peter Gabriel using the Fairlight in 1982. The video has some awesome footage of Peter Grabriel and company recording found sound and manipulating sound from the Farilight. He also discusses the use of non-lyrical human voice in music.

Next a 1984 video with Quincy Jones and Herbie Hancock.

Using found sound with Absynth.

Next is a nice tutorial video of using Alchemy to create a multisampled instrument.

Last, a video of Robert Henke using my favorite Ableton Sampler:

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