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Max For Live News: Ableton Live Co-Founder Henke Releases Max for Live Devices + Ableton Denver Meetup “Presents An Evening with Darwin Grosse from Cycling '74”


Robert Henke, co-founder of Ableton has released some interesting looking Max for Live devices on his website - http://www.monolake.de/technology/m4l.html. Devices include:

  • The legendary PX-18 step sequencer
  • Black - "A simple device which does two things: It displays songtime in hours:minutes:seconds- at least as long as you are working with a constant song tempo. And it allows to black out the computer screen while listening to the music..."
  • Distance - "This audio effect device is for those who are into careful placement of sonic events in the stereo field."
  • Circular Doppler - "Two virtual microphones rotate around a single sound source. Doppler delays, distance dependent amplitude modulation and filtering included. Movement of source and microphones synced to song position. This allows 100% reproducible effects."
  • Grain Freeze - “A granular audio freezer effect. Creates lush textures out of everything!”

Timer permitting, he indicated he’ll be uploading more devices in the future.


In other Max for Live releted news. The Ableton Denver meetup presents “An Evening with Darwin Grosse from Cycling '74” - http://www.meetup.com/Ableton-Denver/calendar/12088339/. Meetup is Jan 24h, 2010 at the Walnut Room in Denver at 7:00 p.m. If you live in the Denver area register for the meetup and swing on by and say hi.

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