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February 24, 2010


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hi Mark, this might be a dumb question but which do you prefer: Blofeld or DSI Tetra. I'm on a budget and can't make up my mind. I think from what I am hearing that Blofeld has better pads, while Tetra sounds a bit crunchier and has more aggressive sounding arpeggiators. Blofeld sounds warmer to me actually even though it's not analogue.

sheesh...i'm confused! what's a synth porn addict to do!?


oh...and Tetra has a sequencer? is this true? while Blofeld does not?

Mark Mosher

I'm working up an answer to your questions, and in so doing came up with a whole new post. Need to do a little extra work on it. Stay tuned.

Mark Mosher


Checkout this new post - Blofeld vs Tetra

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