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February 23, 2010


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Richard A.

It is unfortunate that my first post on this blog happens to be one of misfortune. My hope in sharing my story is to advise and caution people when purchasing from Camel Audio. The truth is that I only recently learned about Camel Audio a few months back. Since then I had been exploring and discovering the amazing sounding plug-ins they produced. As a working musician, I am always looking for inspiration and I really felt that they had the type of sounds I have been craving. Right now times are tough, as I am sure it is for many people out there, so making the commitment to buy another plug in was a careful and meticulous choice. Even my wife knew how much I wanted it, so she even allowed me to buy it as my Christmas present......so here I was all excited to buy it! So I did, but the WORSE HAPPENED! When I purchased it, their system went into an endless loop at the final stage of charging my credit card without giving me a download link. I waited ten minutes without any response. The worse was when I received an email confirmation from them thanking me for the order and stating that the transaction was successful. I went to their website using my newly created log to see if I could find a confirmation or a download link, but nothing was there. (WHAT!!!!) I immediately called my bank and sure enough there was a pending charge from Camel Audio on my statement. I went through their website trying to find a phone number or somewhere to contact them and all I got was a generic email to their support team. Even my bank did not have a contact phone number; all they had was their URL. (Most vendors provide some type of contact information to dispute and defend a claim.) I have tried already four times to reach them using their generic email and through their “case manager” (case 10629) in the last week and I have still not received any type of reply. I know it is the holidays, but I am sure if I was Danny Elfman they would have surely replied to my request...maybe you need to be a well known musician to get their attention. In either case, now I have no gift from my wife AND I have to go through my credit card's claim department to see if I can even get my money back!!!! So my advice is: BE CAUTIOUS, BE VERY CAUTIOUS WHEN MAKING A PURCHASE FROM CAMEL AUDIO....... Peace!


This is a repost of my reply on KVR Audio:

Hi Richard,

We're really, really sorry you experienced a problem with the Camel Audio web site.

Regarding your support emails we received one email from you on the 22nd December about this, soon after the transaction failed. I responded to the email a few hours ago to confirm that we did receive the payment and that the licenses have been deposited in your support account.

The email I sent may have been blocked as spam, so please check your junk email folder.

More generally we do our best to reply to all support emails within two days. We do reply to all emails, but very occasionally it may take longer than 2 days if Chris or myself does not have the appropriate answer or if the email is bug related.

Regarding the transaction failure, it's not very common that this happens, but it does occasionally (usually due to reasons beyond our control). In your case it seems the connection between SagePay and your bank did not work correctly for some reason. It's unfortunate, and I'm very sorry it happened.

If you could let me know that you did receive the email from me today that would be great. If not I can send it to you via KVR PM.


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