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February 13, 2010


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference "From Germany With Love" I Reenter the Programmable Hardware Synthesizer World with Waldorf Blofeld:



I got this with the License SL and there are some sweet samples out there to go with it!

Mark Mosher

Hi Al,

Yes, I got Licenses SL right away. Already moving some re-sampled sound design and Live audio over into the Blofeld. Fantastic!

Do yo know of a good librarian that supports blofeld. I don't need an editor as I'm happy with editing on the Blofeld. Just want a better way to Insert and manage presets.



Hi, I use Spectre from the Waldorf site, but found this: http://lady.rdsor.ro/~kotro/index.php?m=soft#blofeld and

both free. Haven't tried them yet. 8-) Al

Mark Mosher

Thanks for the links.

I'm trying the first one. It's actually quite good. You can manage presets plus use it for patch editing. Editing patches with it is actually making the architecture more clear as you can see all the params laid out.

Took me about an hour of poking around to figure out the workflow.


Hi, Your might want to check these out, if you haven't already: http://www.backintimerecords.de/bitr032.htm

Also, thanks for the group buy tip for Alchemy a while back, great deal! Al

Mark Mosher

Great link. I just bought one of the packs to try them out.

Yeah, Alchemy is great and Camel Audio really rewards loyalty!


Alex Massaad

Hey there,
This is pretty sweet, are you going to post a review of the Blofeld any time soon?

I'm looking to get something like this or the Arturia hybrid synth thing over the next year.

Mark Mosher

Hi Alex,

There are a number of reviews out there so instead I'll be doing some postso on how I'm using with some tips along the way.


Being Cool Is Lonely

Hi We are "Being Cool Is Lonely" :F

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