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March 06, 2010


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James Lewin

Great tutorial.

I'm surprised that MIDI on the Tenori On is still requiring work-arounds, though.

Do you think that this is something that they'll be able to fix in updates?

Mark Mosher


I think it's partially the Tenori-On and partially Live. I've read in forums that other DAW's don't have as much of an issue but I can't confirm for sure.

I was surprised as well after the 2.0 update. I thought it would be better. I'm hoping for another update that improves timing even more, but now that I have figured a reliable work around it's not that big of a deal.

2.0 did also fix song position pointer issues. When I start Live it definitely resets properly back to beginning of patter. I've not tested it in the context of a Tenori-On song yet.



I'm only a beginner to say the least in ableton. I purchased the tenori-on to help my starting of making music but the notes are too simplistic. Read your tutorial on syncing it with Ableton and I've tried to follow your tutorial but haven't had much success.

Possible Video maybe if it wasn't too much to ask.

Just hurts and seems wasteful to not be able to use such a great product, you know.

If a video isn't able to be done would you possible clarify a few things by email if I had questions?

Thank you



the TO sucks


Cast it out, is just a toy

Mark Mosher

It depends on your use case. I've found plenty of productive uses for it - as have others. Of course the beauty of competition is choice. Certainly if you don't care for Teonri-On Cosimo there are many options with different features.

Anyway, this post is not a review of the unit but discussion of timing and Live features.



I recently got a Tenori-on orange.
I tried to sync it with ableton live but it slowly goes out of sync. This is with one layer.
I am using the Tenori-on as a slave to Ableton and when I sequence a four on the floor pattern it starts going out of sync arbitrarily with the ableton click. I know there are sync issues which can be corrected by adding a time delay on each track but if the delay keeps randomly changing how am I supposed to delay each track???

Any help will be appreciated.

Mark Mosher

First off, are you running the http://www.modulatethis.com/2010/01/v20-tenori-on-firmware-update-is-here.html.

The info in the article worked when I wrote it, but these days I'm doing things a bit differently when I use Tenori-On with live. Here are two scenarios.

1) Put all sequenced parts in live and use Tenori-On as a real-time controller to send notes to synths in Live. I don't sync the clocks but instead just match tempos. If things get out of sync I use V2 firmware feature "Reset Loop Timing" by hitting the combination of L4 and R1 reseting to their original loop timing points.

2) Sequenced parts only on Tenori-On to drive virtual instrument racks in Live. In other words just using Live as a synth.

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