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April 13, 2010


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The only critique to this synth I have is that they could have done better with the keyboard version. I mean, it's just the desktop module in a keyboard enclosure, ut they charge you double the price... and to keep the desktop module cheaper, they invented this stupid thing with the licence... so it's like: we sell you a crippled product so you have to pay us later to uncripple it. That's a bit stupid.
For the rest I think it's one of the best synths around, especially considering the performance to cost ratio! And I will get one soon!

Mark Mosher

I think the desktop version is more compelling becuase I can throw it in my backpack, and then just use it with my laptop and lpk25 as in previous post, or with my battery powered Remote SL 25.

I don't mind the License SL upgrade fee. This concept of "de-optimizaing" to create price points has been around for a long time in the electronics industry. I also prefer it to KORGGs sample expansion options where I have pay to buy a card and a bunch of memory that is hard to find and crack open the case.



Hi Mark,

Seeing you've got both a tenori-on and Blofield. Am thinking of getting a Blofield to complement my Tenori-on (am trying to get a set up on the go which doesn't involve a lap-top) and was hoping you could answer a question...

Specifically, if I switched from one 'song' to another on the tenori-on, how would I change the set of sounds on the Blofield? Would this be controlled by a program change on the tenori-on, or is there a way of instantaneously changing all 16 patches on the blofield?

Hope this makes sense!



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