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May 07, 2010


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Good job Mark.

I agree and esp like the "post once, syndicate many". So true.

I am currently completing a script that hits the YouTube API and pulls in all my comments (because they are awesome).

I like the "don't take my word for it, look at what all these people say" marketing angle.

(gotta finish my cache script...)



I would emphasize doing #5 right, and skipping #2. Splash pages died for a reason. Users want content immediately and a simple splash page hides that fact that you may have much to offer and to be explored.

Mark Mosher

Hey, script sounds like a real time saver.


Mark Mosher

I agree Flash splash pages died long ago.

I've seen a resurgance in their use lately in a non-flash form, and like you thought - "what". But after I thought about it a bit actually appreicated them for certain uses. Using a spotlight or splash is great for new visitors and repeat customer becuase they don't have to wade through multiple clicks to get down to the "brochure ware".

I think the key is to make the page relevant by updating it and keeping it fresh.

Also in that paragraph I mention landing pages which are key for those marketing with a funnel.



Thank you so much for mentioning "set players on pause..." I HATE having music blare at me when I arrive on a page--I do not enjoy frantically searching to find the "off" button.


Wow; well done Mark.
You bring up several good points and the advice hits the mark. I'm currently facing some of these issues with my digital persona. You seem to have focused in on the solutions and this post presented them in a clear, simple manner.
I have read most of these 10 tips before, but this reading brought many home. I guess I wasn't ready to understand them before now.....
Anyway, I wish you well on your journey; may you be more efficient with website issues and more proficient with your music.
I'll check back and read more. Cheers!

operatore video

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Thanks for sharing…

Mark Mosher

Thanks for taking the time to read an comment. Good luck to you as well with refing your digital persona.


Mark Mosher

Glad your finding the info useful. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.


Mark Mosher

Yeah. I've had a few scares in this regard ;^)

Mike Degen

Really helpful. Thank you! Are there any recommendations for a great hosted service?

Mark Mosher

Thanks Mike. I used to use bluehost. When I built my new site I decided to use ReverbNation's site builder (which is really a customized version of the Bandzoogle.com).

I went this route to move away from dreamwever and more towards web-based content management system. I also really like how the hosting service integrates with ReverbNation assets so I could spend less time maintaining my site. Visit reverbnation.com for more info, or use my referal link http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/main/signup?referrer=A399124 if you want to help me out a little.

I'm also using Typepad for the news section.
I know a lot of people just use Typepad or Wordpress these days to build their sites. http://page.ly/ looks like a good wordpress host.


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