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May 30, 2010


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Hannes Pasqualini

I only own the blofed, so I can't say anything abou the Tetra (which I have considered buying a couple of times though).
The arpeggiator of the blofeld is really the most advanced I have ever seen on a synth, though it should be noted here that to the present day it still has some big issues, like flaky midi tempo sync, which have not been properly addressed by waldorf since, at least on my Keyboard version.


i came to the same conclusion eventually. i'd love to have them both. but, if i have to choose, the blofeld is more versatile.

Aaron Evans

also, isn't everyone bored by now by analog synths?

The sound possibilities are not 'endless' and I am tired of 'fat', 'warm' and other tired adjectives that people throw out to describe what are 30-50 year old ideas when, in modern times, we should be far far beyond this...

Mark Mosher

Yeah, one of the reason I went with blofeld is that it goes way beyond analog.

Aaron, checkout this blofeld excerpt



I owned both the blofeld and the tetra (still own the tetra).. I think comparing them in a 'vs' format at all really is kinda strange, since they are both aimed at pretty much the opposite ends of the timbral spectrum...

The main reason I got rid of the blofeld was that I decided to ply live which meant I needed multiple separate outputs.
(The whole OS bugs/updates thing was driving me crazy and DSI support has been much friendlier to me, this may have also had something to do with it)

I would put it at this:
The sound you should choose for the sound you want.

The blofeld has only 1 stereo output, but it has a nice LCD screen.
it has a funky arpeggiator but no step sequencer. It has no midi out/thru.

The tetra has 1 output per part but isn't as quick to edit.
It has a 4-param step sequencer and midi out/thru port but no arpeggiator.

Mark Mosher

Hi G,

I compared the two because it seems those who don't know the details of either seem to naturally compare them - I think because of price point and form factor. So I've been seeing people ask about the differences on forums and then Deman specifically asked me what the differences were.

As you point out, once you understand the details of both units they it's more like comparing apples and oranges. In the end they are are more complimentary in nature than competitive.

I'm using Blofeld for live performance as well, but separate outs is not a requirement for me. I'm pairing Blofeld with Tenori-On and it's ability to quickly map to the 16 layers of the Tenori-On works really well for what I'm using it for.



yes, overall, i see that now. however when you have a tight budget a comparison is inevitable as they do indirectly compete in the marketplace. i went with blofeld. overall, i think i'm very happy but i'm just scratching the surface. it seems to me that in terms of sound the blofeld can delve (albeit as simulation) into the analogue 'warmth' the DSI tetra resides in, and yet it can do all the crisp, cold, metallic stuff (or insert your adjective) one wants from digital synthesis. so that was what made up my mind.

i do think however, that the DSI tetra has its charms & a few features the Blofeld could use, like the step sequencer. I would very much like this. *Also, if you're an Apple Mac user -editing via computer w/Blofeld kind of errm..sucks. There is no official editor for Mac. I did find a decent alternative (unless Mark, you know of a better one!) as an environment in Apple Logic: http://home.redstair.net/index.php?cs=core&rootsection=redstair&entry=191&BBSID=16ac78a8b2b7cd2bd6b1129d4634f653

The editor for DSI Tetra seems much more friendly to the Apple Mac, and much more intuitive based on youtube videos I have seen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Od0skgDNpmI

So, While I love Blofeld...I'd still like the Tetra when I can get up some cash...of course perhaps by then there will be a Tetra Keyboard ;-)

And...of course Teenage Engineering has the OP-1 coming out..if it's not a hoax. It seems amazing from the description and videos. But, now we're talking cherries in addition to apples, & oranges! http://www.teenageengineering.com/products/op-1/


i feel you on this a bit. well said.


hi, i had both at one time and ended up selling the tetra over the blofeld kb. i have had so many synths this year trying them out keeping / selling..ugh!!! and decided to just keep 5 of the 12 i tried out and had. ( my wife was pissed )..lol. i own the mopho as well for analog. i own the blofeld KB as mentioned and love it! but the bugs suck! hope to update the OS and get around the octave button issue now. ( not responding ? ) sometimes i miss the tetra. that is my problem..missing them! they all have a use somehow in the studio! love the look of it too. used it on our new upcoming release before i sold it.


well..i have both again!...:) and they sound great together after learning the tetra more.

Les Farrington

i owned a blofeld keyboard and i absolutely fell in love with the sound. everyone that heard it noticed how much GUT it has. pure beefy mean tone. but I sold it to get my Korg Kronos but the Blofeld also had issues with locking up. it really should not be used near BUG SPRAY because it will kill the synth. it is one big bug. BUT i am looking to get another one because i just miss the sound so much. The Kronos is really amazing but compared with the Blofeld it just doesnt hit you as hard. i sold my dave stewart Prophet 08 to get the blofeld and never looked back. IF YOU ARE USING THE BLOFELD PRIMARILY IN THE STUDIO SETTING IT IS WELL WORTH DEALING WITH THE BUGS! BUT I DONT RECOMMEND USING IT LIVE WITHOUT A BACKUP. YOU WONT FIND ANY OTHER SYNTH THAT HAS THE SOUND POTENTIAL AND IF YOUR NOT CAREFUL IT WILL LEAVE SCARS ON YOUR WALLS. built like a TANK! get one.

Mark Mosher

I'm finding after the beta firmware update I almost never have any problems with it. The only bug I have is if you are editing a split in Multi mode, you can cause a note to hang. I don't gig with any hardware synths anymore because any synth can go down. Instead I use all virtual synths and have a primary and a backup laptop. So the whole rig is duplicated and fits in a backpack. These days I'm going deep with Absynth, Zebra, ACE, ElectraX. ACE is CPU heavy but multiple instances load fast. Just just have to arm one at a time.

I agree, Blofeld has that "leave scars on your wall" attitude I really love!!!

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