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June 21, 2010


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That's a cool idea.

I assume that when they state : "Please note Automap 3.2 PRO is only compatible with the following Novation products:
ReMOTE SL, ReMOTE ZeRO SL, ReMOTE SL Compact, etc. etc. "

They only mean hardware. I guess that if you can midimap or keymap anything Ableton Live then you can control it with this.

I recommend WPA encryption as WEP is pretty insecure nowadays. Unless you want some cybergeeks messing with your mix of course :o)


Mark Mosher

Yes, in addition to keystroke emulation, the app can send out pretty much any MIDI note or CC.

I agree on encryption. I couldn't get the iPhone to pair with WPA with my first few tries.



I've just had a play with it. Great fun. Automapping of Synplant wasn't too good though. It only includes 2 faders per page, with the rest taken up with 8 buttons. I think I'd give the direct automapping a miss and map stuff using Instrument or effect racks.

I'd also like to see layout customization like the Jazz Mutant Lemur for instance. That would be really cool.

Agus Badri

I like the iphone OS released by Apple, let alone have the latest OS 4 system that provides many new features and good facilities.

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