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Mark Mosher Appearing at the Electro-Music Festival 2010 in New York September 10

"Melodic Metal" by Mark Mosher - One Patch Performance Series with Ableton Operator

I posted a new “One Patch Performance” to YouTube. One Patch Performances are a series of experimental videos I’ve come up with where I use an instance of one synthesizer plus automation to create a song. 

Watch embedded video. Performance notes are below.

In this song I use Ableton Operator, Chorus, and Ping-Pong delay. I’ve placed these elements into an instrument rack then assigned Macros to various parameters.

I created a custom patch for Operator from scratch. I won’t go into extreme detail on this patch is it’s fairly complex, but here are some highlights and performance notes. I used the new partial editor (P. 389 in the Manual), and modulation of the FM algorithm on the fly.


I also assigned “Time” which is a global control for envelope rates to a Macro knob alone. I also modulate oscillator levels, LFO rates and more. I then created some simple melodies which I stored into MIDI clips. I then recorded an improvisation where I manipulate these automation parameters in one pass in real-time.

I have an oscilloscope and spectral analysis window at the top of the video which illustrate the amazing range of the harmonic content being created by Operator’s.

In the end, I’m hoping this video inspires you to dig deeper with some synths to create unique sounds and to use automation to add dynamics to your tracks.


Mark Mosher
Electronic Musician, Boulder CO