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September 18, 2010


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Hi, Thanks, enjoyed it a lot! Great tune! The cubes are wicked!



Very cool! I visit your sites regularly, but never knew what the AudioCubes were about. Do they introduce much variability in your performances? I know you took pains to ensure you could perform "I Hear Your Signals" live, and it appears from the video that your handling and placement of the cubes is very deliberate. Do they ever cause you to have an off night? Also, do they contribute to your creativity during composition or otherwise inspire you to write a certain way that best complements them? I'm not a performer, and I'm just wondering if, outside of how cool they look, they enable you to create or perform better.

Mark Mosher

Hi Roy,

Yes, one of the reasons I chose the controllers I use and composed my album around the controllers is so that I could introduce variability. In this video, AudioCubes are controlling the arrangement on-the-fly and modulation of effects in-real-time. When I reach for the Launchpad matrix, the notes I’m playing are in real-time. In other words, if I make a mistake, you can hear it. If I fail to play a note or change switch to a scene, you won’t hear a change. So, they certainly could have an off night – but I hope not :^).

All the controllers certainly inspire and change the way I compose and did influence each composition. In “I Hear Your Signals”, I’m retelling the alien invasion story of REBOOT from the other point of view, so composing using AudioCubes, using spatial control of the Theremin, and playing notes from matrix buttons allowed me to break loose from my keyboards and approach the compositions from a new point of view. The big win is this allows me the arrangement on the fly and I’m not locked into some sort of backing track allowing me to focus on being “first chair” controllerist/synthesist.

The system is almost completely open and it’s up to me to configure how the controllers interact with the software to perform each song. As you can imagine, this takes a lot of time and I also rehearse – a lot. This allows me to transcend it all to focus on performance – and if I choose mix things up. For example, two weekends back, when I was performing at Electro-Music and got to my last song I had 3 minutes to play song that was 4:21 minutes long. I told the person running sound just to give me a signal when I was out of time. I compressed the arrangement and left out a section and ended 10 seconds after I got the signal. I can also extend sections and improvise if I choose to.

Thanks for taking the time to read, listen, and comment,


Glenn Henriksen

NICE ! ! !

It was a fantasic set you did ! !

Mark Mosher

Thanks Glenn!

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