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September 29, 2010


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robert henke

Hi Mark, thank you very much for that lovely review!

For the sake of precision, I feel the need to slightly correct you in one detail: Ableton was founded by my former Monolake partner, Gerhard Behles, a former Native Instruements developer, Bernd Roggendorf, and a finance person, Jan Bohl. I was asked to become a founder but refused the offer because I wanted to still make music as my main occupation. However, as soon as the company started thinking about the actual product, I became part of the team, and several very important decisions about the general ideas behind the software came from discussions between Gerhard and me. One of the main contributions during the last years was the "real world" testing and discussions about how the software is actually used for several tasks and how it can be optimized for this.

Cheers, Robert

Mark Mosher

Thanks for the correction Robert. I've modified the article.



Great Job Mark!

I am working on a decompression post on some thoughts and ideas from the 2 days with Robert. You did a great job documenting this event - thank you!

A few ideas of mine changed on sound and sound design. Partly Robert but to a large degree from the contrast he provided to conversations recent in social media.

Roberts elegance, straight forward approach, and grace in tackling a problem showed the often overlooked power of Ableton. I find DJ's unfairly mad because they need to warp all big tracks and reference a lack of creativity in the Ableton genre (ears must be closed). As frustrating as this can be I was uplifted by sharing space with Robert (much like any great artist).

When I discuss Ableton in the DJ realm I am going to try to retrieve that particular mental state (a frozen track?) from his DU presentation. That was the serious business! My mind was, if only for a minute, clear on the topic of sound and music production. Thanks goes to Robert.

(there you go - micro post)


Great post Mark! I've never been able to experience a planetarium performance like this, always something I've wanted to do..I have friends in SF who've seen Robert Rich perform at a planetarium there and described it as a transcendent experience....wish I could have been in Denver for a couple of days but this is the next best thing!



Thanks for the write up, I was really excited to attend night 2 but was called into work. Kinda bummed, but I was pleased to attend the night @ the Planetarium. Completely inspiring, I'm currently working up an ambient set for a performance I have on Oct 10th. Small venue, intimate setting... I'm working on a set that features a matrix of aux sends so that i can perform in "pseudo surround" (i'll be playing in quad).

Account Deleted


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