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New Music Monday: Glenn Main - Arctic Treasures


I just got a copy of Glenn Main’s (aka Glenn, aka Glenn Henriksen) new album Arctic Treasures. This is Glenn’s third, and I think his best work to date and I’m really enjoying it. You can preview tracks and buy MP3 versions here. I’ll provide links to other stores at the bottom of the post.

I got to meet and spend a lot of time with Glenn earlier this year at Electro-Music 2010. Glenn is one of those instantly likeable guys with  a lot of positive energy, super fun to jam with, and is a great performer. He’s also one of the few people IMHO who can still pull off playing a keytar!

I think the recent review of Arctic Treasures on describes Glenn’s music and new album well:

I know Glenn is probably tired of being compared to Jarre by now, but while the comparison isn't far fetched, there's also a unique "Glenn" style to the music. Most tracks are bouncier and more poppy than the average Jarre track, which is something I feel often is missing in this kind of music.

Glenn doesn’t have any video up yet related to the new album so I’ve included this live performance video from the Electronic Secrets album to give you a sense for his live show.

View embedded video

Glenn–Electronic Secret Part 10



Mark Mosher
Electronic Musician, Boulder, CO

Sharing Patches and A/B Audio Comparison Between Green Oaks Crystal Desktop Synthesizer on Windows and Crystal XT for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch


I’ve gotten patch sharing working reliably between the windows and mobile version of Green Oak’s Crystal synthesizer.

Patch Sharing Step-by-Step:
These instructions are in an edit of the original instructions at the bottom of this page. Green Oak’s instructions are accurate but assume you know your way around iTunes and Crystal so there are some gotchas.  I’ve added some more detailed notes and steps (in red) to help fill in the gaps. Even if you only want to transfer patches from desktop to mobile, I recommend you go through steps 1-3 anyway so you’ll have a bank with the proper name an in the proper format.

  1. Exit Crystal XT, connect your iPad or iPhone to iTunes, choose your device in iTunes, and select the "Apps" tab.
    Exiting the app on the mobile device is crucial. I forgot to do this a few times. Transfer won’t work if the app is running.
  2. In the File Sharing section of the iTunes window, select CrystalSynthXT. The documents section should show a file named CrystalPatches.fxb.
    It took me a minute to find this in iTunes so I’ve added this screen shot so show you how to navigate (click to enlarge). At first I could not find the apps as they are below the fold and you have to scroll down.

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Percussa AudioCube Tip To Prevent Cubes from Sliding


If you’ve seen pictures or videos of my live rig in use you’ll know that I when I use Percussa AudioCubes, I tend to not only use them on a table surface, but I also place them on top of other instruments like the Theremin or other keyboards.Working on a new improvisational piece with AudioCubes, Ableton Live, Waldorf Blofeld, and Theremin

When I first started doing this I had a few inadvertent cube drops. This was more true with cubes that were connected to USB as this added a directional pull on to the cube. So for the way I perform I wanted to increase the friction coefficient of the bottom face of the cube.

My simple solution after a little experimentation was to get some rubberized shelf liner, then cut it to be a bit smaller than the dimensions of the cube face and then use double-sided tape to secure the material to the cube.


This simple solution keeps the cubes where I want them, but also allows me to slide them around on a table – they are just a little more “sticky” than designed.

Mark Mosher
Electronic Music Artist, Boulder, CO

Using Green Oak Crystal Synthesizer with Percussa AudioCubes


Experiments with Green Oak’s desktop version of Crystal continue. It’s been a while since I’ve used this synth as I’ve been focusing most of my energy on using commercial synths. It’s a pretty amazing synth and competes feature wise against many commercial synths.

Here is a cool feature. The MIDI Modulate matrix supports direct mapping of MIDI CC’s. This means you can map controllers directly without having to do it through your DAW. Click the image below to see a close-up of the screen shot which illustrates how I’ve used Percussa’s free MIDI Bridge app to configure AudioCubes to send CCs, and then I configure Crystal to listen for spatial control from cube faces.audiocubs_crystal

Mark Mosher
Electronic Music Artist, Boulder CO