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Posts from December 2010

I’ve finished programming the racks for the upcoming sound library. I’m going through each instrument and tuning any samples that have pitch to concert pitch. I like doing a first pass by ear which requires a reference pitch. A quick way to do this generate a fixed pitch for reference... Read more →

Another update on the sound pack project. First I have to say that I REALLY enjoy working in the Live rack/ Sampler realm. Knowing all Live 8/Suite users have the same FX makes extending Sampler very natural and makes for a really enjoyable workflow for me. I'm using a Wacom... Read more →

A quick note to say I’m making great headway on your holiday gift. Just to be clear, it’s a gift to you for the holidays, not a holiday themed sound pack. No sleigh bells here ;^). I’ve finalized the instrument racks I’m going to include. There will be 12 instrument... Read more →

I continue to dig deeper into Tone2’s ElectraX. The manual wasn’t available till the final release so I’ve just started reading it. Tone2 went above and beyond simply documenting functionality and have added nice practical How-To notes on usage. For example, they discuss the relationship of the INTERval oscillator parameter... Read more →

Tone2’s brand new monster virtual instrument ElectraX is now available. I’ve been working with it in beta form since October and really love it. I made the credits by the way – woot! (once you install it, click the Tone2 label at the top of the synth to see the... Read more →