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Using Ableton Operator to Generate Fixed Frequencies To Tune Samples by Ear


I’ve finished programming the racks for the upcoming sound library. I’m going through each instrument and tuning any samples that have pitch to concert pitch. I like doing a first pass by ear which requires a reference pitch.

A quick way to do this generate a fixed pitch for reference is to use Ableton Operator.

  1. Click the Fixed button for Oscillar A
  2. Turn the Freq knob to the desired pitch. Mouse over the number below the knob and type in the frequency you need.
  3. I then create a midi clip that plays a note. I start the clip, then can navigate away to other tracks.

Here is a handy article on Wikipedia for Piano key frequencies.

Mark Mosher

Upcoming Sound Pack - Notes on Sampler and and Licensing

Another update on the sound pack project. First I have to say that I REALLY enjoy working in the Live rack/ Sampler realm. Knowing all Live 8/Suite users have the same FX makes extending Sampler very natural and makes for a really enjoyable workflow for me. I'm using a Wacom Bamboo Tablet and a Novation Remote SL 25 to navigate and perform as a program.

After crossing the 30 or so hour boundary on the Live Pack edition of the project I've been giving some thought as to how to handle other editions. I’ve gone WAY deeper than I imagined on the programming side and know that attempting to replicate the work on another synth would require I set aside a similar amount of time to do the work it justice in another format.

So, if you are following along, you know that Absynth won the reader's poll. I've made the decision that I won't re-programming the library on Absynth (at least right away). The good news is that instead I will release my original source audio samples licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

The overall license for using the library for use in music and sound compositions will be “a non-exclusive royalty-free” by the way.

In the end, this means you’ll be able to use this source content in synths that support original samples as oscillator sources. Some that come to mind are Absynth, Alchemy, Blofled, ElectraX and so on.

Mark Mosher

FREE Sound Pack Update


A quick note to say I’m making great headway on your holiday gift. Just to be clear, it’s a gift to you for the holidays, not a holiday themed sound pack. No sleigh bells here ;^).

I’ve finalized the instrument racks I’m going to include. There will be 12 instrument racks. They are very deep and have fully mapped modulation routings for the macro knobs, velocity, aftertouch, and mod wheel. I'm color coding the macros, creating "Info Text" and a usage manual as well.

Most instrument racks are make use of Ableton Sampler and all use original harmonic waveforms I’ve created through field recordings, re-synthesis, and synthesis (additive, analog…).

At this rate I should release the Abelton Live Pack version next week sometime so you'll have it to enjoy during some holiday down time.

Mark Mosher


Newecho Productions, LLC download content (presets, samples, config files) is provided as is and without warranty. You are granted a non-exclusive royalty-free license to use the content in the context of any musical and/or sound composition. You may not redistribute or sell the content as standalone sounds or as part of another library without express permission from Newecho Productions, LLC. Not responsible for data loss (in other words backup before you add third-party sounds or samples to your library).

Note: some "Libraries" posted on this site might have additional licensing terms which will be defined on pages for that library.

Notes on ElectraX Manual & FM Synthesis

I continue to dig deeper into Tone2’s ElectraX. The manual wasn’t available till the final release so I’ve just started reading it. Tone2 went above and beyond simply documenting functionality and have added nice practical How-To notes on usage. For example, they discuss the relationship of the INTERval oscillator parameter as it relates to FM Synthesis.


Speaking of FM Synthesis – I love the straight forward implementation. In the screenshot below (click to enlarge), you’ll see that:

  1. I’m using the FM parameter to send FM signal to modulate Oscillator 2. Each has a different waveform.  I’ve turned down the volume of OSC 1 so I only hear the FM result.
  2. I’m using LFO1 to modulate fine pitch with a random algorithm. Since I turned down the volume of OSC1, it instead changes the character of the FM harmonics rather than pitch.
  3. With LFO2 I’m modulating PW which is pulse width. this makes a more subtle timbre shift that is out of sync with LFO1.

This interface really simplifies using FM to add character.


ElectraX FM Experiment01 by MarkMosher

Tone2 ElectraX Virtual Synthesizer is Now Available


Tone2’s brand new monster virtual instrument ElectraX is now available. I’ve been working with it in beta form since October and really love it. I made the credits by the way – woot! (once you install it, click the Tone2 label at the top of the synth to see the credits). 

I've already started writing custom patches and have been using ElectraX heavily for some new songs I'm working on. I plan on sharing some programming notes in the future. For now, wee my post “Exclusive: First Look at Tone2's New ElectraX Virtual Synth” for an overview.

You can get the final right now for $199 USD for either PC or Mac.  For links to sample MP3s, a downloadable demo, and more details, visit the official site.

Full disclosure - courtesy of Tone2 I will be getting the a copy of ElectraX but I don’t receive any benefit from your purchase.

Mark Mosher
Electronic Musician, Boulder CO