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January 30, 2011


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Lorenz @ XARC Mastering - Audio Mastering Online

Good review,I own one myself since last year and always have been happy with it so far. Especially the pricing is pretty fair and it can be used as an USB Hub as well.

off lease laptops

Nice review and its cheaper than I thought. Nice one and what I like is you can used it as USB Hub.Cute!

J K Hagen

Agreed. The selling point for me was that the keys are good to play compared to other portable midi-keyboards, and so far I'm very happy with it =)


Great review. I've just bought this myself, and I'm quite happy with it. Only thing I'm struggling with is to program sustain function into the mod wheel. I guess it should be pretty straightforward using the Kontrol Editor, but I seem to be doing something wrong..


Never mind - just cracked it. :-)


That is a very reassuring review and makes me feel more confident about purchasing it. I have an Akai LPK25 and find a good size, but find working with only 25 keys to be a little silly, and agree that the action feels pretty cheap and hard to be expressive with.

My main gripe (pre-purchase) on the microkey is that they didn't also include a sustain pedal jack. Seems like there's room. Otherwise, this is just about perfect.

Mark Mosher

Hey JPS, I saw one of these at Electro-Music 2011. Kind of cool as it has MIDI out and sustain http://www.alesis.com/q25


how well does it work w/ FL Studio ?

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