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March 31, 2011


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Gary Saville

I'm not in.
As a registered user of Live 8 suite, you do NOT get Max for Live if you buy the box set. You get a 50% off coupon for Max. So you are looking at 149 + 150 = 300. So, in essence, you get a manual and a box for 50$ and pay full price for Max for Live.

Mark Mosher

Gary, your right. I misread it. I agree, not worth it. I'll revise the post right now.

Mark Mosher


So, if they just had software download/key upgrade in the store for Suite users at $149 would you buy? Just wondering what the the threshold is for an instant buy now that 8.2.2 and Granulator sweetens the pot.

Gary Saville

Yup. I sure would buy it for 149.
I've been waiting until Ableton bump live to 9, hoping to get it as a package with the upgrade. But, for 149, I'd jump on it.

Mark Mosher

Hi Gary,

I've sent an email to Ableton to see if they might consider a $149 buy for "download" Suite users. I'll let you know if and when I hear back.


I just received an email from Ableton that Ableton Suite users get a 30 percent discount.

Mark Mosher

Hmmm. I didn't get this offer. I also don't see this option on the upgrade page https://www.ableton.com/shop/categories/upgrades?orig_ql=/upgrades


I'm afraid it's for newsletter subscribers only :(

Maybe you can ask Ableton Support if they want to offer you the discount?

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