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April 23, 2011


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Nice one bro!


Nice tips here! I noticed something about the Blofeld filter stage as I've been getting deeper into programming sounds on it. The output of the filters are nearly always driven/saturated to some miniscule degree depending on curve type selected. This is heard by switching through the various drive/saturation types with Mix set to 0 and listening to the slight yet audible results. One thing I do now to get a tad more boost from a plucked or stabby type patch without driving it is to switch the drive curve to Pickup 1 or 2, while leaving mix at 0. It seems to add a very minimal amount of drive to bring the filter output forward just that much more. It's also important to not forget about the wonderful Brilliance parameter which many of the WT's featuring waveforms with multiple harmonics can make good use of in order to bring elements of a patch forward in a program or later on used to enhance a Blofeld sound inside a project. With some WT's the sharpening of the waves' harmonics is audible to the point that it actually alters the timbre of a waveform to some degree and this can give a different character to some WT's as a whole, esp. when doubled with PWM.

Now if I could only get the arp on this thing to stay in sync and not glitch at the end of a bar inside Ableton Live I will be very happy. Got tips for this? I tried the suggestions on Ableton's forum and adjusting sync delay times etc. Still not seamless.

Mark Mosher

Great additional tips! I've not tried syncing the arp. I'll give it a go soon and let you know if I have the same problem.

Mark Mosher

I tried it with Ableton as the master with Blofeld set to auto communicating via MIDI (not usb MIDI). There were timing issues with default settings. My experience with Tenori-On and live also had some timing issues with default settings so I don't think this is all the blofelds fault.

I had good results by retarding the timing in the track for blofeld. I had to set different delays for different tempos in live so you'll need to experiment. In once case I had to delay 100ms.

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