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May 27, 2011


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» Jaliyah Blackwell from Jaliyah Blackwell
Very neat blog article. [Read More]





Mark, I'm not following how the audio gets from the Ultranova into your computer. My manual says that the Ultranova does not send audio data through the USB, so I don't understand how you're recording it in this configuration. Can you explain that?
Also, I have a question regarding recording animation. Is it possible to record the "touch" of the continuous controllers as well as the modification of paramters?
I love the live controller element of those rubber knobs but would love to be able to record those touches into the automation of my tracks. Have you pulled that off yet?
Many thanks, your blog rules!!!

Mark Mosher

It's on p. 6 "UltraNova connected to a computer via USB.
USB transmits audio and MIDI to and from the computer." In my example audio comes in on track 2 "Audio". You just need to make sure both the MIDI and audio track is armed and the monitor knob is set properly. You can control touch but it's a bit fiddly - see the last paragraph of the post.


Hello, i followed your steps, but i can only get the sound of the ultranova in ableton. Do i need an audio interface to this to work? i have the ultranova connected to my speakers, and the usb to my pc, and i don't have any speakers or headphones connected to my pc because i tought the audio from pc would be played trought the usb cable connected to the ultranova, it's like e needed to connect aditional speakers to my pc. I received my Ultranova, Nocturn controller and the launchpad yesterday and i am pretty confuse since i am new to synth s and music production. I tought it would be much easier. For now my home studio only consists in the ultranova, nocturn controller, launchpad, speakers and my pc, i will today buy a powered usb hub since i can't have all 3 devices working properlly at the same time. do i need aditional gear to have a simple homestudio and make it work. Thank's


I found the problem, now everything is working properlly, it's in the audio preferences, i think you should had a screen of it, i have now my asio input, and asio/ultranova output set, it's weird because i had checked it and wasn't there before i plugged my ultranova into my new USB powered hub and magic, the option asio/ultranova was available. So i think it was the lack of power in my USB ports, and apparently ableton live wasn't detecting the Ultranova properlly, because i also noticed a huge increase of the audio quality. I am really excited because the ultranova sounds amazing now i need to set up my launchpad and my nocturn controller. Keep the good work

Mark Mosher

Right when I saw your comment I realized I took that step for granted. I'll update the article to put in that step. Glad it's working for you. UN, Noctrun, LPad is a great combination for live.


Thank's for the reply Mark, i think there's a general lack of interest about the ultranova, i don't know why because i find it pretty good actually. Even in the Novation site the technical support seems to have also big problems to help the users solve some problems, i see your posts helping others in the novation forum. So my next challenge is how to configure the combo Ultranova, Nocturn controller and Launchpad to use in Ableton live, because i'm having headaches to get my Automap Pro version activated.

thank's for your time

Mark Mosher

FYI - I just updated the article to note the sound cart settings. Thanks for the feedback on this.


Thank's again Mark Novation should pay you for your help, lol. I have all configured now, finally, i spent 3 days trying to put all together now it's time to enjoy the Ultranova, oh boy oh boy.

Keep the good work Mark.


Hi guys, I Just purchased my ultra nova a couple of days ago and am just trying to work out how to use it with Ableton.

I've followed this post and selected Ultranova for the audio ports but the first step, ;
- Configure Ableton Options: Menu>Options>Preferences>Audio tab to select ASIO and the the novation USB driver. This tells Ableton you want to use the UltraNova as your sound card.

There's no option to select ASIO there. It just has either 'No Audio ' or 'Core Audio'.

This is frustrating!!

Mark Mosher

Hi Deigo,

If you were on windows I'd say the USB Drivers from Novation were not installed. Maybe there is a difference in what the audio settings look like on a mac. Pop over to the http://forum.novationmusic.com/viewforum.php?f=44 and see if any one else is seeing the same thing. If I need to update the article for mac let me know.


Hey Marc I'm on a Mac...

Mohamed Hassabo

Hello Mark, you don't have a Mac walkthrough do you? I know for the most part it is the same.

Mark Mosher

No - sorry - I'm on Win 7.


Somehow, I seem to be stupid... Getting sound and/or midi from the UN into ableton (and record them) is no problem! But launching the UN editor in ableton causes the UN to TURN OFF local. Manual writes, its ment to be this way, to prevent midi-loops. But local off causes silence on speakers. And of course I´de like to hear what I´m editing in realtime!

My Setup: as described above by Mark, UN is used as soundcard + synth and is pluged to the speakers, PC is connectet to UN via USB.
Anyone any idea what I´m doing wrong?

Mark Mosher

I remember this happening to me once but can't remember how I fixed it. I just hooked up, fired up the editor and all is well. I'm running 1.1.03.
You might want to drop a note on the UltraNova forum about this.

peter bailey

Hi I am trying to get the hang of automation but struggling, when i click configure of the plugin i can add the parameters i wish and control them with envelopes but the parameters i also want to control ARP on and latch are configured but greyed out in the automation section. perhaps you could guide me on that. I also am not getting the dummy track part i assume i have one track with just parameters and another with the midi notes. that doesnt work. if i have one track with the midi clip in that works apart from the latching bit. regards in advance


Greeting Mark!
Is there a way to use the Ultranova Soundcard and another one?

I can record the Ultranova and route it´s audio in ableton perfectly fine, but now i want to route abletons master audio into my pc´s soundcard.
(I have no headphones and my speakersystem is´nt suitable for the masteroutputs of the ultranova)

So basically i want to route the Ultranova audio into Life into my Soundcard using the usb cable.

Any ideas?

Mark Mosher


On Windows, Ableton can only see one sound card at a time. So I'd say route the audio from the UN into Live, or use the UN as Lives sound card and use the monitor knob to change what you are monitoring.


Hi, I rarely bother to sign in to comment on things online, but I'm definitely making an exception here. Thanks for this tutorial mate. Very, very helpful. It got me up and running with my new Ultranova quickly.


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