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Novation UltraNova Synthesizer 411


I’m now the proud owner of the Novation UltraNova synthesizer. I’m already creating some custom patches for it so stay tuned for some updates on Patchlab. I'm also considering building some larger sound sets so signup for the Newsletter and check "UltraNova" if you might be interestd.

I did a lot of research before buying the UltraNova and played all the synths in this price range so I’ll be sharing some info in this regard. To start with, I’ve put together this UltraNova 411 mindmap. This will save you time if you are looking for info to help you decide if this synth is right for you, or if you are looking for resources on the instrument. In a future post I’ll do a comparison to other synths in this class.

Nick at Sonic State and Stephen Fortner with Keyboard Magazine really spiked my interest in this synthizer so I’ve included links to their reviews in the map.

A lot of branches are clickable and some are expandable so click around.

View Full Sized Map on Mindmeister | Download ClicKable PDF

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