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"Alien Radio Chatter MM" - A Free Patch for ElectraX Synthesizer

Alien Radio Chatter

Ready to tap into an alien radio conversation? Use of FM to introduce harsh squealing-like sound. Pitch of OSC 1 (which is inaudible but causes FM movement)  and filter movement via LFO. Organic and variable speed changes achieved with LFOs modulating speed of other LFOs.  “Random” as a modulation source  also introduces organic speed changes.

Performance Notes:

  • Mod Wheel changes Radio Frequency
  • After touch modulates the filter 1 which is set to “Vocal” creating an alien voice like quality.
  • Timbre changes across keyboard.

Soundclip: Alien Radio Chatter Patch for ElectraX by MarkMosher

Download patch: "Alien Radio Chatter MM.fxp

Moog Legacy Page + Video: A Brief History of Minimoog


As a donor and supporter of The Bob Moog Foundation I wanted to pass this along.

Moog Music has redesigned their web site and in so doing has added a new “Legacy” page which will contain information shared by The Bob Moog Foundation.  Michelle Moog posted a letter explaining the new section and the relationship between the foundation and Moog Music.

The Bob Moog Foundation, an entirely separate entity from the company, serves Bob's legacy as a non-profit organization whose mission is to ignite creativity through the intersection of science, music, history and innovation. One of our projects is to protect, preserve and share Bob's extensive and historic archives. These archives are replete with materials that range in medium from photos to project notes, from reel-to-reel tapes to articles by and about Bob, from schematics to vintage catalogs and much more.

The Bob Moog Foundation supports Moog Music's efforts to highlight the Moog legacy. As such we are sharing materials from our archives here to help them tell the story. Over time, we will continue to add rare items in these pages, so please visit this page often to see what's new.

VIDEO: A Brief History of the Minimoog
This video is one of the featured items on the new Legacy page and has some interesting interviews and historic tidbits.


Mark Mosher
Electronic Music Artist, Boulder, CO
Synthesist | Composer | Keyboardist | Performer

Tune In to Gridfest on Ustream Friday May 6th and Saturday May 7th

Gridfest in Sante Fe starts tomorrow. According to their web site they will be live streaming Friday and Saturday nights and perhaps Sunday. Good news for those who can’t make it but want to check out the show.

Here is the Ustream link

Live TV : Ustream


Mark Mosher
Electronic Music Artist, Boulder, CO
Synthesist | Composer | Keyboardist | Performer

Camel Audio Updates Alchemy to 1.20, Makes Player Free, and Introduces Steamworx

April 29th saw a lot of news from synth maker’s Camel Audio. I actually waited to post on this because their server got pretty crushed with everyone trying to download all these goodies a few days back.

After two man years of work 1.20 is now available. Check out the gorgeous new “Nightshades” skin below (click on the image to see it full size). They also updated the default skin to improve readability.


Here is some of what’s new (link to full change log at bottom of post):

  • 64-bit support for Mac and Windows - access unlimited memory
  • Native RTAS Support for Pro Tools on Mac and Windows
  • Improved SFZ support - high quality loading of 3rd party and converted SFZs
  • Key switching for fast access to articulations
  • Round robin for added realism
  • Unlimited zones for velocity, round robin, key switches...
  • Intelligent sample memory handling - half the sample memory required
  • Multiple audio file import when holding down 'Shift' with automatic mapping to keys
  • Easy SFZ loading via File -> Load
  • Last used folder remembered for File -> Load in each instance

I’ve installed it already and I’m happy to report that it’s backwards compatible and seems to work fine on all my sets.

The Alchemy player was previously included when you bought a sound pack. Camel audio has made this player completely free. I highly recommend you grab this.

“We're really pleased to announce the release of Alchemy Player 1.20 which is now completely FREEfor everyone! This is a major update to Alchemy Player featuring SFZ loading, 64-bit and Pro Tools RTAS support plus lots more. It includes 1GB samples and 200 instrument sounds.”



Last but not least they have also announced a new sound set:

“Steamworxis a cinematic netherworld featuring keyboard instruments made from clocks, drum kits built with steam-powered machines, fog-shrouded soundscapes and gothic choirs. With intricate contraptions, grunge-laden grooves, multi-layered arpeggios and hand-crafted percussion that ooze character and round-robin realism, you will find moods suited to epic soundtrack, delicate ambient, sci-fi, industrial and the supernatural.

This library incorporates over 240MB of new sample content, with specially created instruments, extensive field recordings that add a rich patina of detail, 8-bit SID Chip exotica, plus samplings from an extensive collection of bells, chimes, and gongs...”

I highly recommend Alchemy and consider a must have. It has it has a strong synth engine, great support for a huge variety of sounds, as well as the ability to incorporate your own audio as an oscillator source for re-synthesis, sampling, and granular synthesis. The 1.20 update just ups the ante even more. Just to illustrate the incredible sample manipulation power of Alchemy checkout this audio from “Emits a Photon”. It’s a free patch from Patchlabwhere I mangle the sound of a florescent light being switched on with granular synthesis?

Emits a Photon Demo for Camel Audio Alchemy Patch for Patch Lab by MarkMosher

If you can't afford the full version, adding the FREE player to your rig is a no-brainer.


Mark Mosher
Electronic Music Artist, Boulder, CO
Synthesist | Composer | Keyboardist | Performer