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June 27, 2011


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capt fumo

Hi mark,

Nope, yr absolutely right. I was unsure (hence "i think") as to whether the RCA inputs on the venom would give access to the synth but it can't be routed through the oscillator, as you suggest. Thanks for such a helpful comparison chart.

Mark Mosher

:^) Thanks for dobule checking. BTW here is a video I did on USTREAM where I process Blofeld and Theremin with UltraNova http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ut8TYGVVxm8


I really wish I would of read this before buying the Roland Juno-Gi... Novation sounds excellent for creating ambient effects etc.


Ultranova is the only 48k output for audio


ultra is truly the best value


After great deliberation, the deciding point for me was the fact that the UltraNova had aftertouch.
On its own, that feature should have driven the price of this board twofold.
I have owned a GAIA in the past and it's extremely fun and it's exceptional for teaching the basics of analogue synthesis, but as far as flexibility, the Nova has it down.
USB power was also a plus but not really a deal maker.

Also would like to extend my thanks into 2012. I read this post once in a while because it's great.

Mark Mosher

Glad to be of help. I think you'll really enjoy UN so let me know how it goes. If you put anything up on soundcloud let me know as well.

Buckminster Darwin

That is not really a fair comparison with the Venom (based solely on specs), because it has a unique architecture that uses a modeling matrix and a patch collider - you can do some amazing sound design (very quickly) with it that does not exist anywhere else and now that the price is dropping you should rethink it!

Mark Mosher

I agree, specs are just specs. But, they help people match priorities to product. If priority #1 was aftertouch then there is one choice out of these three synths - UltraNova. If priority #1 was FM then then Venom wins. If priority #1 was near one knob per function UI than Gaia wins. They are all great synths in their own way (Davezilla owns Venom and UltraNova and loves them both). Posts like this just surface the facts about what is under the hood so people can make educated decisions. No doubt you can shred with Venom :^)


Great comparison, I was just about to buy Venom, but doing my homework found this and I better keep saving some money until I can afford Ultranova! I'm an eyecandy or good desing lover so I totally love the physical design on Venom so it's a shame Ultranova is much more superior! I might buy Ultranova by now and then save some money to buy Venom just because it's pretty and futuristic design! :yaoming: XD lol
Thanks a lot again! This have helped me a lot! You just saved me from a bad buy! =)
God Bless Ya'!


There is one glaringly important thing nobody has mentioned: the Venom is the only one with 49 keys!!! I currently own a Novation X-station 49 and I may have to replace it. These seem to be the only hardware synth options under $1000. If I want to model crazy sounds I can do it in Ableton. I need a hardware synth that I can play in conjunction with my MIDI sounds, as well as bring to a jam. Dial up a sound & play without dragging my laptop/MIDI rig around. I can't imagine being confined to 37 keys for that. Any thoughts on this aspect?

Mark Mosher

If # keys and less than $1000 are requirements then Venom seems like a good synth to try.


I don't know. I bought the Ultranova first. Was extremely excited due to specs but was very disappointed with the sounds (not just preset but sonic depth/quality). I then got the Venom because it was being discontinued and was dirt cheap...sounds were killer...different, but killer. In the end, I ended up getting the Gaia as well. I like the sounds much better than the Ultranova and the ease of use can't be beat between the 3. You really can't judge a synth by the specs.


Very thorough and helpful comparison table. Thanks! :-)

Daniel Davis

There is some wrong information on the GAIA. According to the chart, it has no modulation, and isn't an audio interface.

There is modulation, and the GAIA is an audio interfacae.

Mark Mosher

Hi Daniel,

I went back and looked at the GAIA manual. You are correct that GAIA can do USB audio streaming so I added that to the chart. I can find no sign of a modulation matrix - but I did update the chart to indicate modulation possibilities within the signal path.

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