Yamaha Releases Tenori-On 2.1 Firmware Update: What's New + How to Find The Download + New Computer Control Overview
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Video: Tenori-On with 2.1 Firmware Being Remote Controlled from a Computer Using maxMSP

In my last post I mentioned that the Yamaha release new firmware 2.1 for the Tenori-On which among other new features allows for programmatic control of the hardware via MIDI Sysex.

TimL over on this thread over on the Tenori-On forummentioned he has already started writing a MaxMSP patch! He just posted a videoon his YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/timmeahh) showing his progress:

V2.1 introduces the remote mode allowing MIDI sysex data to be received and perform all regular functions of the Tenori-On. This maxMSP patch shows a few of the basic functions which can be done remotely. This minor update of the tenori-on firmware releases more of this unique instrument's potential.

Yet another example of the benefit of opening up architectures for programmatic control. I’m looking forward to seeing what Tim and others come up with.

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