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June 23, 2011


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I am pissed that I spent almost a grand for something special and now it is a 10 dollar app within a month.

Mark Mosher

The $10 app is no replacement for the wonderful tangible interface and visual feedback on both sides. The app did however encourage a new firmware update and the fulfillment of the original design idea of collaborative sessions.

I love my TNR-W and have no plans of replacing it.


The TNR-i is not even available to the US, but is seemingly everywhere else. I just returned my TNR-W to the vendor for a refund, they said releasing this app is a slap in the face to people who recently bought the hardware version. No warning from yamaha on their plan to do this. Probably to trap a few more splurgers. I admit the hardware is cool, but it aint worth a grand if there is an exact copy in emulation for 10-20 bucks. I just spent the day getting a UK itunes account and UK itunes gift card so I can get my Tenori fix. The internet is awesome for finding answers to problems like this. Yamaha or iTunes will not sell me this in the US. I will just move to the UK. Psyche!

Mark Mosher

I agree it would have been nice if Yamaha gave dealers a heads up. I also agree that TNR-W and TNR-O are overpriced. The iPad version doesn't negate the hadeware version. The hardware version is a tangible instrument where the iPad edition is multi-touch. So if the app logic is all your after the iPad is fine. If you want the tangible interface and the light emiting LEDS on the back TNR-W is still useful. I use my TNR-W live and have not plans to sell it. The mobile version also drove the firmware support for collaborative sessions which was in the develoeprs original vision for all this so I think that's cool as well.

So just like with Korg Electribe - some will buy the cheap app, others will keep the hardware with tangible buttons and knobs.


Agree, you can't really compare the hardware with the app version but the app certainly will bring the Tenori-On concept to a wider audience.
Here is another video demonstrating some of the benefits of remote mode
Videos are iphone quality only; just to prove the concept...
I'm starting a blog, you might like to read more, that will be the best place to share ideas.
I'm compiling better quality sound versions at soundcloud.
Check it... http://soundcloud.com/tim-landauer/

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