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July 23, 2011


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Great article here! The map really helps one to put it all into perspective and make a decision about which machine is the right one to own. Thanks for taking the time to highlight the specifics! (itching to try Largo again now..lol..too bad my demo license expired ;()

Yeah,...sad that the FX routing on Blofeld KB is not more configurable throughout the signal flow (although you can use an effect per part in MT mode), that I will agree, but it is a Great trade-off to be able to load in custom sampled source for use w layering in a patch along with 2 other oscillators (or using that sample layer as an OSC itself!) - Really makes me happy to be able to do that, on a sound design level. Also, the build of the Blofeld keyboard is absolutely FANTASTIC. It's got a battle tank-like full-metal body w EXTREMELY STURDY (NO WOBBLING here) beautiful brushed stainless-steel knobs and huge bright 128x64 edit window (I LOVE THIS - You can SEE the OSC's, PULSE WIDTH, ENV's LFO's and FILTER responses!)... and a headphone jack. This all makes it an ABSOLUTE practical pleasure to work with in a remote situation away from the DAW (fantastic live board). I am never worried for it to take damage (yeah, it's heavy too..but that's good!). The edit matrix is extremely intuitive and it is quick to edit even without the use of 3rd-party editor programs.

One thing I recently started noticing, which seems to be an issue with many VA hw synths, is that the dial messages can be glitchy at times. I mean I can be dialing up edit parameters or scrolling through banks and some screens are skipped, which causes me to have to turn the dial back and forward again until I get the right screen. I KNOW this is not exclusive to the keyboard. It is just something inherent while working with a synth with a computer built into it. Nothing is fool-proof. This problem has never occurred so much to the extent that I become frustrated, yet it is a glitch to watch out for.

The ability to save multi-timbral patches are a BIG plus as well for the Keyboard. Great to be able to make nice splits and creating thick patches with even the same sounds just detuned against one another. Lots of performance potential here as well. All-in-all, I definitely do not regret putting down the little money I did for such a fine HW unit over the Largo SW. There is definitely no a competition. The pluses in the KB version more than make up for the minuses when stacked up against Largo. It comes down to How one works with these things. I, for one, love the ability to completely disconnect and take my KB other physical places to design...This above all else is a HUGE PLUS.

All that said, I am very curious to drive a Largo one day and see what my impressions would be. Speaking of Waldorf, I have my eye on Lector now too! Looks/sounds wonderful. I liked what I saw/heard of it in the demonstration they did back during Winter NAMM! They pitch it as a vocoder but my god it features some wonderfully powerful processing,layering and signal flow almost like a completely new synth even. Curious!

Thanks again Mark for the comprehensive rundown!


I call them Mosher Maps. Helpful


would really be nice if Largo was an editor for Blofeld. I'd settle for the Largo interface without any sound capabilities, as I don't own Largo, preferred Blofeld, but quite loved the Largo interface and dreamed of it as an editor for Blofeld :)

Mark Mosher

I agree 100% and also sent this feedback to Waldorf!


great article

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