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Novation Introduces Impulse - A New Line of Keyboard Controllers


Novation is releasing a new range of professional USB MIDI controllers in 25, 49, or 61 key version.

Watch embedded vide in HD.


  • Keyboard: semi-weighted with after touch
  • Drum Pads: backlit with full color + toggle for clip launch/roll + aftertouch!
  • Tap Tempo
  • Automap
  • Control Surface: Transport, Mixer/plugin control with Sliders, knobs
  • Looks like you can navigate scenes
  • They ditched the joystick and X/Y pad on the Remote SL series and replaced them with classic mod and pitch wheels
  • No LED strip and instead there is a larger LED display
  • Arpeggiator Warping: Built in Arpeggiator which enables you to play a turn any chord into an arpeggio. The drum pads take this a step further by enabling you to warp arpeggios. By switching the 8 pads in or out you can change the rhythm of the arpeggio in real time. You can also change the speed, shape, syncopation and gate time of the arpeggio.
  • Ships with Live Lite, Bass Station, and Samples

Color Coded Clip Launch Mode

Hey look, they brought the color coding button scheme from the Launchpad into this controller. These pads are velocity sensitive and support aftertouch. Seems like a nice next step would be to take these pads to a Launchpad II and make them clear.

Not a Replacement for the Remote SL

While the drum pads are a huge improvement over the Remote SL line this keyboard is missing some features I use constantly on the Remote SL like the LED Strip above knobs, touch encoders, and dedicated buttons for scene navigation. There are also fewer controls than on the SL line. Also the 25 key version of the Impulse is lacking many of the sliders on the 49 & 61 key versions and WAY fewer controller knobs and sliders than on the SL line.


My guess is these will be priced much lower the the SL series and will be a good choice for home studio users or those who mostly play keys and want to use the drum pads. There are enough controls to perform with plugins but not too many to overwhelm those getting into laptop performance.

If you are a controllerist however, the Remote SL line is still the way to go.

Now a Remote SL MKIII with those drum pads would be a good idea for a future product – or perhaps a factory update to my Remote SL MKII.


What do you think of this new controller?

Pricing & Availability
No word on pricing or availability yet.


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