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UltraNova Synthesizer Tip & Example Patch: How to Latch Notes to Create Drones


I’ve seen some questions on the UltraNova forum asking if it’s possible to sustain a note indefinitely to create drones even though there is no “hold” parameter. It is indeed possible and can be done by using the Gator effect. Here is how it works.

  1. Insert the Gator effect into a free slot
  2. Turn on the effect
  3. Set the algorithm to “Mono 16” and turn all steps to full on
  4. Press the “Latch Button”

Now when you press a key, the note will sound indefinitely. If you want to toggle this in real-time, use the “Effects” menu system on the UltraNova and navigate to the “Gator” and turn the knob above “GLatch”. Turn it on and off, then press the “Lock” key. Now the Touched/Filter knob will toggle between a droning not and a note that follows the amp envelope.

Click here to download a sysex patch I created called “Latch Note MM” that illustrates the concept and can be used as a base patch for drones. I mapped a few modulators to make the patch a little more interesting. Use the UltraNova editor to load the patch.



Happy droning!

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