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October 07, 2011


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Dave Linabury

Mark, are you saying I need to get rid of my Akai XR20 and Gorillaz iElectribe?

Mark Mosher

Keep it all, plus get a Tempest :^). The interesting thing about Tempest is that each pad is like a synth on to it's own. If you watch the video closely, you'll see James getting different timbres with just velocity and pressure. The possibilities are crazy becuase it's not a sample he's triggering.

FYI You can actually put third party plugins as pads in Ableton Live drum racks.


Ta muchly for this. It looks glorious. Can you tell us a little more about using this beast as a synth? I think it has an evolver-like dual analogue and digital creation path (no doubt less evolved) and was wondering how it might work as a supplemental keyboard driven synth to my already beloved proph 08.

Mark Mosher

I didn't get a chance to test that and was wondering about that myself. I emailed DSI to see what they say about and will reply when I hear back. I'm with you in concept though. It would be great to use it as a drum machine and a module.

Aiki @ TechnoMusicNews

Planning on selling my monomachine to help pay for one of these little babies. The two controller ribbons were the final straw I can just imagine how expressive this thing can get with the real-time tweaking available. Reminds me somewhat of the arp controls available on the Korg EMX1

Did you ever feel like it was running out of voices at all? Not that it matters much as Ill be using it in conjunction with my elektron octatrack.

Mark Mosher

James was hitting it pretty hard in this video and I didn't notice any polyphony drop outs.

Henning Pertiet

Was there no answer from DSI??

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