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April 10, 2012


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Hi - thanks for posting the Live version of this song, it's very cool to see how they play it. I recently saw an Ableton Blog post with a more detailed video about how they use Ableton in their set.

From the video it sounded like he is muting and un-muting two groups of channels at a time for each song, so that he can have tons of clips assigned to a midi controller but you only hear the ones firing for each song (this might sound less confusing if you watch the video. ;-)

Have you heard of this type of setup in Ableton? Or am I miss-understanding what he's saying in the video?

It seems like you would be using a lot of CPU since you are firing so many samples at once, even though most are muted.

I would love to know more about this type of set up, if you have any insights.


I also would like to know how this works for working with a live band. opening a new project for every song is a drag, and the band is ussually waiting for me to start the next song.

Mark Mosher

It looks like they are just using session view with all songs in one big set. They group tracks (ctrl-g)and mute them all. They then arm and enable a group for each player. Within the groups of tracks they are MIDI mapping the launchpad and other controllers.

Mark Mosher

You need to organize all your songs into one big set. In session view (which I recommend) you can MIDI map a controller to jump you to first scene for song then next scene to more through song. If you use arrangement view, you can use markers then midi map the markers to jump from song to song.

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