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Listen to Ambient Album “7​.​83 Hz” by Jack Hertz

Checkout this wonderful ambient album by Jack Hertz “The music on this album was inspired by the documentary ‘Resonance - Beings of Frequency.’ Where I learned that the planet Earth has a resonant frequency of 7.83 Hz. Originally detected in 1899 by Nikola Tesla, it was Winfried Otto Schumann... Read more →

Here is Something to Listen To While You Work Away Today - Bauhaus's "Bella Lugosi's Dead" stretched to 9 hours!

Via boinbong… Bauhaus's "Bella Lugosi's Dead" stretched to 9 hours! Listen via embedded video Mark Mosher Electronic Musician | Composer | Performer Boulder, CO Read more →

Battles "My Machines" by Daniels Featuring Gary Numan

Just found this video featuring Gary Numan. Don’t try this at home kids! Watch embedded video. Uploaded on Sep 6, 2011 You Should Subscribe to The Creators Project: The new video for My Machines (featuring Gary Numan) taken from Battles' album Gloss Drop, out now. Directed by... Read more →

Here is a quick tip on a feature you might have missed on Twin 2. The little snowflake button between Oscillators 1 * 2 is the Ring Mod Button. Screen shot above is from a patch I quickly pulled together from “Clean” patch with a few tweaks. Resultant waveform display... Read more →

I went to the How to Destroy Angles show in Denver last night at the Paramount Theater. Here is a Flickr Photo set of some shots I took from my iPhone. The band posted a this cool photo on their blog The show was great and visuals were incredible.... Read more →

I just nabbed this off of the the U-HE Facebook page…click image to see full-sized view.. New Diva modules arriving in June: Digital Osc, Uhbie-Filter and Arpeggiator/Sequencer. Here's a preliminary screenshot :-) I pulled further detail from some of Urs’s posts on KVR: It's got two oscillators. Each with 8... Read more →

Watch Eddie Jobson’s “In the Dead of Night” Live Concert Footage

I was wondering around YouTube and bumped into this live performance of Eddie Jobson’s classic “In the Dead of Night”. 13 minutes of killer prog :^) Mark Mosher Synthesist, Composer, Performer Read more →

I went on a bit of a synth “walk about” in the last year and mainly went deep with one synthesizer for programming from INIT – the mighty Absynth. Yesterday maked the 100th patch I’ve made with it. This a sound design experiment using three samples as oscillator sources. Sample... Read more →