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After 7 years and 7 Months of posting on Modulate This! I’m going to take a sabbatical from technology blogging. The timing is right. Over the last year I’ve spent time going even deeper with Ableton, Maschine, Absynth, Zebra, ACE, ElextraX, Predator, Fab Filter Plugs, Blofeld and Resolume. I’m also... Read more →

Elektron synths use sysex for OS updates and data saves. I was poking around on their web site and found they had a handy utility for sending and receiving Sysex. they have windows and mac versions. You can download the app here I used it to upgrade my Analog... Read more →

I just picked up an Electron Analog Four to add 4 analog synths + seq + effects to create an additional compterless workflow. I’ll also use it as source audio for Live and Absynth patches. One of my other goals was to pair it with my Blofeld for live jams... Read more →

Registered users visit for free update. 9.0.4 Release Notes Bugfixes: VST / AU plug-in devices could be inactive after loading a Live set containing a large number of plug-ins (regression in Live 9.0.3). The "grab_control" function which allows to gain control over a control surface's button matrix via Max... Read more →

Watch Paul Harriman Eigenharp & EWI Performance at Awakenings, April 13 2013

Watch embedded video Paul Harriman playing an Eigenharp Alpha and an Akai EWI 4000s. Video background by Jez Creek. This was performed at Awakenings, in Burton-on-Trent, UK. ------ Mark Mosher Electronic Musician | Composer | Performer Boulder, CO Read more →